Treadmills for dogs. How to use them?

In the modern world, from hypodynamia, that is,lack of motor activity, not only people suffer, but also their pets. Treads for dogs are becoming more common. We will understand how justified their use for training animals.

Treadmills for dogs

Why you need a treadmill

For various reasons, many owners can notprovide the dog sufficient motor activity. Sometimes a person can not make long walks due to his state of health or simply does not want to go out because of bad weather.

If the pet runs a little, then he is threatened with an extraweight, a decrease in the tone of the body, metabolic disorders, muscle atrophy, problems with the cardiovascular system and the locomotor apparatus. In addition, the dog that misses, starts to spill out the accumulated energy at home - indulge, demolish things, spoil them, gnaw. To avoid negative consequences will help running tracks for dogs.

What are the benefits of training on the simulator? Treadmills for dogs help maintain activity, good physical shape, develop endurance, form a beautiful step, which is important at exhibitions. The path is excellent for rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries.

inexpensive treadmills

Mechanical tracks

Training apparatus for dogs can be mechanical andelectric. The mechanical treadmill is driven by the force of the treader. The use of simulators of this type is controversial among the owners. Some experts intentionally use mechanical tracks to give extra load and teach the dog to push. This feature makes the mechanical path an optimal choice for training sled dogs.

However, many owners believe that mechanicalThe simulator is not so convenient, as it is more difficult to teach an animal to use it. In addition, it is difficult to accelerate on the mechanics, although the level of the load can be regulated on magnetic mechanical tracks.

Electric tracks

The electric treadmill is shown inmovement by motor. Even budget options have an electronic display that displays the current speed, distance traveled, and training time. It is important that the length of the running belt is sufficient and the dog could completely throw out the paw.

If inexpensive treadmills turn out to beshort, the animal will have to take small steps. Simulators for people may not fit large dogs because of the length of the canvas. Devices intended for animals are sold in pet stores.

An electric treadmill can allowdevelop a speed of up to 12 km / h. In large cities, these simulators are installed in handling rooms and zoocentres. There you can also use the services of an instructor, which will help the owner and the dog to master the path.

electric treadmill

How to teach a dog to run on the simulator

Do not expect the dog to immediately learnuse the simulator. How to accustom a dog to a treadmill so that she is not afraid and understands what is required of her? Be patient. Give the animal the opportunity to study the simulator, sniff it, walk along the canvas, lie on it. Lure the dog on the track with the help of a treat.

The next step is to get acquainted with the moving simulator. Place the pet nearby and turn on the track at the lowest speed. Let the dog get used to it. You can put on the moving canvas goodies.

If the dog behaves calmly, then take iton the leash and lead to the path, so she was on the canvas. Calm her, praise her, walk with her side by side. Hold the leash firmly so that the pet is not frightened and does not break, otherwise injury is possible. Do not rush, increase speed gradually. At first, training should be short, 3-5 minutes.

training apparatus for dogs

How to train

Before starting workouts, read thecontrol the machine, read the instructions. Start at a low speed. Hold the dog by the leash, give command "next". It should not spin, play about, play. To make the dog easier to get used to training, first step on the spot to make it seem like you are walking alongside.

Speed ​​increase gradually, duringa few weeks to run, that is, 5-6 km / h for medium-sized dogs. While the dog is learning and not used to the track, be ready at any time to stop the simulator. Even inexpensive treadmills have an emergency shutdown button or safety key.

At the end of the workout, slow down tominimum and completely stop the track, giving the command "next". Let the dog sit down. After that, you can give the command "walk" and reward the dog with a delicacy. It is important that the pet does not leave the simulator without a command and never did it while driving.

how to accustom a dog to a treadmill

Disadvantages of working on the simulator

Treadmills for dogs are becoming more and morepopular, but there are both supporters and opponents of their use. The use of the simulator is obvious - it gives an opportunity to give the animal a good physical load, when the owner can not provide sufficient walking.

But what opponents of use saysimulators? Do not practice puppies and dogs on the treadmill, which have problems with the heart, spine, and locomotor apparatus. During training, the animal can not choose a suitable pace for itself. The dog on the ground changes the running speed, its movements are diverse, the load is natural, all muscle groups are involved.

On the track the dog can not stop, iffelt bad, tired or hurt his paw. He also can not explicitly show that a pause is necessary, since he has to run at a set pace. Some tracks are protected by a grid, and the dog simply can not leave the race without the help of a human. Unfair owners can tie the leash to the simulator while holding the dog.

During training, you must always be near the dog, you can not leave it alone. The window or door to the street must be open.

A jogging track can be a great helpfor dog training, but will never replace ordinary walks in the fresh air. Use this tool must be thoughtful and careful, only then it will bring the animal benefit.

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