Treason: how to behave?

Having learned about the betrayal of a spouse or spouse, most people fall into complete confusion. They do not know how to behave after treason, having lost the trust of a loved one. What to do if you are on the list of those unfortunates who changed the spouse? To arrange a scandal or, on the contrary, to pretend that nothing had happened?

If the husband has changed

Very often, women forgive male adultery and continue to live with this man on. Thanks to female tolerance, most marriages do not end in divorce. And yet, to advise psychologists if there was a betrayal of her husband - how to behave after that?

  • On the one hand, you can simply get away from your spouse or try to get used to the fact that this happened. But we must remember that in the future betrayal can happen again. Here, first of all, you need to ask yourself - do you need such a relationship, are you ready to constantly suffer? Some women think that without this man, it will be very hard for them to live, and therefore infidelity is easily forgiven. Others save the family only due to the fact that children are not left without a father.
  • If your husband has changed you, in this case, you can advise to concentrate on his personal life. After all, it can be made much more interesting and rich. You can begin to rejoice at what is, try to save the relationship with your husband, bring something new into it.
  • How to behave ate you see that the spouse is determined to leave the family? Do not hold it. Release with peace of mind. Threaten him or beg to remain meaningless, it does not bring the desired results.
  • If the husband is still gone, there is a high probability that he can return to you again, and even ask for forgiveness and be accepted. Here everything depends only on your intuition and on the specific situation. But it often happens that after forgiveness of the wrong spouse, the relationship becomes even better than before.

If the wife has changed

Sometimes there are situations when women are accused of infidelity. If there was a betrayal of his wife - how to behave in this case?

The first. React to what happened with dignity. No need to make scandals and go down to charges. Just calmly tell her that you know everything and do not believe the excuses “it happened by chance” or “I didn’t know what I was doing.”It is impossible to commit adultery, and then hide her fact unconsciously.

The second. Trying to find out more about her lover is also pointless. You will not feel better after you find out his phone number, place of residence and everything else. It does not matter who exactly seduced your wife, more important is the fact of betrayal, in which, first of all, the husband is to blame.

Third. We need to decide what to do next. If you are not ready for forgiveness, to continue the relationship is meaningless. But if you decide to close your eyes to this, then remember that it will be very and very difficult to regain trust. You may have to visit a psychologist to return to the family the atmosphere of warmth and goodwill that was before.

Now you know when there was a betrayal, how to behave in this case. However, I would like to wish that your family always reigned trust, mutual understanding, and the thought of treason would never have occurred to me.

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