Trichomonas vaginitis: signs and treatment

Vaginitis is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina and is usually caused by microbes. In gynecology, Trichomonas vaginitis is considered the most common female problem. According to statistical studies, every third woman between the ages of 18 and 40 is familiar with this disease. The development of vaginitis is directly related to how active the sex life of the patient is.

Trichomonas vaginitis


Trichomonas vaginitis begins to develop after the microorganisms penetrate the vagina of the woman - Trichomonas. The disease can be triggered by the touch of dirty hands and neglect of personal hygiene. Signs of vaginitis can be different, but in most cases, patients complain of copious white discharge (sometimes with a small amount of blood) and a sharp, characteristic odor. At the same time, the vaginal mucosa swells up and painfully reacts to touch. In addition, immediately after the development of the disease, women experience symptoms such as a strong burning sensation in the genital area and unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen.

When to see a doctorsigns of vaginitis

It must be emphasized that self-medication should not be involved. You will not be able to defeat Trichomonas vaginitis with the help of medications that a friend, neighbor or mother advised you. This can slow down the course of the disease or hide the symptoms, but the bacteria will not go anywhere. In any case, you will have to consult a gynecologist and pass all tests.

Causes of bacterial vaginitis

This type of disease can be triggered by a number of factors. First, women who abuse alcohol, nicotine and indiscriminately taking antibiotics are susceptible to it. In addition, vaginitis is often observed in girls with reduced immunity, as well as those with a history of several abortions, miscarriages, genital infections, hormonal disruptions, and inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.Trichomonas vulvovaginitis

Trichomonas vaginitis: symptoms

This type of disease is sexually transmitted and most often asymptomatic. Sometimes vaginitis may be accompanied by yellowish discharge and itching in the vaginal area. It is natural that such signs significantly impair the quality of sexual life, so be sure to undergo a course of treatment.

Acute Vaginitis

The course of the disease can be subacute, chronic and acute. Subacute vaginitis practically does not manifest itself, and chronic is a consequence of the neglected inflammatory process - it is very difficult to get rid of it. The acute form is characterized by severe abdominal pain, burning sensation and purulent discharge.


It should be emphasized that Trichomonas vulvovaginitis is transmitted even with a single sexual contact. Therefore, both partners should be treated, even if the bacteria are found only in one of them. In addition to the drugs prescribed by your doctor, you can use folk remedies. Well helps douching decoction of plantain and hypericum. Pre plants need to pour two cups of boiling water, let it brew. The course of treatment must continue until full recovery.

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