Trip to Crimea

I plan to go on holiday to the Crimea, but I am from Ukraine and cross the border because of this is very problematic. I heard that some days are on the border, because they are not allowed for some unknown reason. Maybe someone will advise some firm in Nikolaev which can deliver me without problems to Simferopol?
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Answered 15 June 21:37
An acquaintance was in May in the Crimea and says that there were no problems with crossing the border. But of course it is better to take the risk and find a proven carrier, but know that this will be much more expensive.
Answered 15 June 21:59
Now it is extremely undesirable to go to the Crimea, since the level of service there is no longer at the same level as before. Prices, on the contrary, increased, because there are fewer customers, and the owners of hotels and other establishments want to somehow make money.
Answered on June 16, 10:57
It is very important to find a good carrier and then cross the border very quickly without any unpleasant situations. I also advise you to immediately find a carrier from the Crimea to Ukraine, because problems may also arise there.

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