Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens: description, description and reviews

Very many farmers prefer to keep theireconomies of chickens combined direction of productivity. Such a bird is remarkable for carrying a large number of eggs and at the same time gaining weight rather quickly. Carcasses in chickens of this variety, in contrast to the layers, are suitable for preparing not only the first, but also the second dishes. One of the most interesting breeds of poultry meat-egg direction is the Tsarskoye Selo. This variety has earned from farmers in fact very good reviews. The Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens (its description will be presented in the article) is unpretentious, resistant to colds, and has a spectacular appearance.

A bit of history

This breed of chickens was brought out recently - onlya few years ago. Selection was carried out by specialists VNIIGRZH. As a parent, they used such breeds as New Hampshire and Poltava clay, as well as a broiler-6 hybrid provided by the Bolshevik breeding farm.

Tsarskoye Selo breed of chickens

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens: description of the general

This variety refers, as already mentioned,to the meat-egg direction of productivity. However, some experts consider it to be a decorative group. Look Tsarskoselskie chickens quite effectively. Color they have a rare brownish-striped. Such a pen is rare in modern breeds. Characteristic features of the Tsarskoye Selo hen are also:

  • long and wide body;

  • dark tail with stripes;

  • not too rough bones;

  • smooth, dense, closely fitting to the body plumage;

  • reddish ear lobes;

  • medium length yellow legs.

The crest of the Tsarskoye Selo hens can be either leaf-shaped or pink-shaped. The last species of the breed is more resistant to frost.

Tsarskoye Selo breed of chickens Description

To unacceptable pedigree defects include white lobe, lack of banding, weak body, presence in plumage of black color (except for Colombian zones).

Performance indicators

Eggs tsarskoselskie chickens carry quite a lot- about 180 pcs. in year. In some cases, with good care, this indicator can be exceeded. For comparison: the egg-productivity bird carries an average of 250 eggs per year. The quality of this product in the Tsarskoye Selo breed of chickens is also very good. The size of eggs is medium - up to 59 grams. Taste indicators, they are, in this opinion, many farmers are very good.

The shell of the eggs of the bird of this breed has a pleasantlight beige color. Carry the Tsarskoye Selo hens at the same time year-round. Lower temperatures for productivity in the cold season have little effect. The plumage of these hens is dense. Therefore, in winter they practically do not reduce egg production, even in an unheated shed.

Tsarskoye Selo breed hens reviews

Good performance indicators tsarskoselskayathe breed of chickens demonstrates and in terms of obtaining meat. Adult layers can reach a weight of 2.2-2.5 kg, males - up to 3.2 kg. Too much feed for the farmer while growing this bird is not necessary. Cormorantsly chickens are fattening very quickly. In this case, the meat from them, judging by the reviews, is very tasty.

Pros of the Tsarskoye Selo hens

A mixed breed of productivitytoday there are many. These are, for example, Ukrainian earflaps, faverol, Yerevan, rodland, Australopril and others. Tsarskoselskaya - a breed of chickens, for egg production and high weight gain indicators, derived relatively recently. Therefore, as old varieties, it is, unfortunately, not different. However, she still has a lot of pluses anyway.

In addition to high productivity indicators, the advantage of the Tsarskoye Selo hens is:

  • excellent survival of young animals;

  • resistance to all kinds of feathered diseases;

  • calm, balanced nature.

Chickens of the Tsarskoye Selo breed of chickens are absolutelyunpretentious. There is practically no falling of young animals in the herd. Very rarely, in contrast to meat breeds, this bird also "falls to its feet". To keep the Tsarskoye Selo hens in the courtyard is allowed with any other economic livestock. The cockerels of this variety do not differ in particular. Chickens can easily eat from one feeder with representatives of any other breeds.

chickens of the genus Kokhinhin Kuchinskaya Jubilee Adler Tsarskoye Selo


So, it's very good in terms of productivityTsarskoye Selo breed chickens characteristics. The description of this bird was given above, and there are many advantages to it, as you can see. However, these chickens, of course, also have some drawbacks. These can be attributed, first of all, to the blurring of the color of some of the hatchlings. The farmer, who wants to support the breed, will have to do the culling. That's why some experts consider the Tsarskoye Selo hen a kind of not too complete and requiring refinement.

Features of care

In the content of the Tsarskoye Selo breed of chickens, as alreadymentioned, unpretentious. A shed for this bird will suit the usual - insulated, well ventilated, dry, without drafts. Nests and feeders for chickens are collected in the usual way. Nases are made of poles and are installed at a height of approximately 70-80 cm. It is advisable to arrange a paddock near the shed for birds. Fresh air to the Tsarskoe Selo chickens will do good. To protect the paddock follows a 2 m tall rabbita.

With regard to the feeding of the Tsarskoye Selo bird farmermust comply with certain rules. Due to lack of nutrients, these chickens may stop carrying eggs. When overfeeding, they will burn. In this case, the egg production rates will also drop. Feed these chickens usually three times a day (grain - mash - grain). At the same time premixes intended for poultry mixed in the direction of productivity are added to the food. In the summer, if the chickens have the opportunity to walk in the courtyard, if desired, you can go to the two-time feeding (in the morning - the grain, in the late afternoon - a mezhanka). At lunch in this case, it is desirable for chickens to throw fresh greens - cabbage leaves, carrot leaves, soft grass, etc.

the breed of the Tsarskoye Selo hens and others for egg production

How to Plant

Increase the number of Tsarskoye Selo hens atdesire in the economy will be very easy. Unlike all sorts of hybrids, their maternal instinct is very well developed. These chickens incubate chickens on their own. When breeding birds of this breed in large farms, of course, you can also use the incubation method of breeding young animals. The mode should be followed by the standard.

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens: responses of farmers

The opinion of the owners of household plots about thisthe bird was very good. The breed, as many farmers believe, is still really unfinished and can be attributed to the experimental group. However, at the same time, in the opinion of the owners of household plots, it is quite possible to consider it very promising. Judging by the reviews, from year to year of the Tsarskoe Selo chickens with a smeared color, less and less are produced. And this means that the breed is becoming more stable.

Look Tsarskoselskie chickens, according to farmers,in fact very effective. In terms of productivity and unpretentiousness, there are also good reviews. This bird rushes, according to the owners of household plots, stably, almost without interruptions. For the offspring of the same chicken care is really very diligent. In this case, the very young of this breed, in the opinion of many owners of the farmsteads, is simply "unmade". Immunity in chickens is very strong and persistent. Tsarskoselskie poultry producers farmers are advised to change more often - once a year.

Tsarskoye Selo hens breed description

Other popular varieties

Thus, we found out what the(the description of the breed, reviews, performance indicators, we examined). The bird is not bad, but still experimental. Many farmers even believe that it can not yet be attributed to the breed proper. They breed such hens, owners of household plots are mostly just "out of sport interest" or because of their beautiful unusual coloring. To the same farmers who prefer stability, it is worth considering the purchase of chickens of some other, already established breed. It can be, for example:

  • Kuchinskaya jubilee (mixed direction of productivity);

  • cochinchin (meat);

  • adler silver (meat-egg).

Tsarskoye Selo breed of chickens characteristic description

All these varieties are quite common,they are very popular, they deserve good reviews, they can not buy their hatching eggs or chicks. Like the Tsarskoye Selo hens, Cochin, Kuchin jubilee and Adler, breeds are very unpretentious and resistant to colds. Growing them is much easier than broilers. All these breeds show good productivity, including in conditions of a severe Russian climate.

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