Tuning "Zhiguli" classics of 6 and 7 series

One of the options for improving the appearance andThe inner content of the car is tuning. It can be applied to almost any machine. In the CIS, the "Zhiguli" tuning is often performed. It is popular with reference to the models of the sixth and seventh series. There are a lot of options, as these cars are still running along the roads, especially in the far corners of the post-Soviet space.


Description of work

Tuning - modification and qualitative improvements of the car. Often it is used for sports and racing cars, but in our countries any car could become tuned.

Most often,avtovazovskie cars. Tuning ("Lada") can be found only on two models: VAZ-2106 and VAZ-2107. Simplicity of manufacture and installation has made these machines the most accessible for alterations, from simple installation of a wing to full modernization and updating of the car.

car tyuning tuning

What and how improve?

There are a lot of tuning options, but they can be divided into manufacturing classes: tuning studio, garage, self-made and ready professional. Let's go on each one separately.

  1. Professional from the finished product. There is a wide range of ready-made tuning spare parts that can be purchased in stores or on the Internet. The price here corresponds to the quality. They are usually made of plastic or fiberglass, if it is an external version. For internal alterations, each car owner selects the items individually, to their own taste and color.
  2. Tuning studio. Everything is done here under order from high-quality and expensive materials. Of course, the price of this version of tuning is quite expensive, because everything is made individually.
  3. The garage option. The cheap look of the tuning studio, when the masters of garage design make from cheap material beautiful details, which will serve, at best, a couple of years. Quite a suitable option for those who want to save, but there are a lot of such.

If a person wants to perform a qualitative tuning of "Zhiguli", it is worthwhile to contact the atelier. And if you just want to improve the look, then the third option will come down.

Special features of outdoor tuning

For the manufacture and installation of tuning "Zhiguli" requires a lot of everything, both materials and equipment. Therefore, consider the main points on the example of different models.

So, the "Zhiguli 6". Tuning this model usually consists of installing round optics and brighter LED lights. It fits perfectly into the overall exterior. Many motorists change the clearance due to short or long shock absorbers, as well as various kinds of disks. Also characteristic feature is the installation of a modified exhaust pipe, which changes the sound of the motor.

Zhiguli 6 tuning

"Lada 7" - tuning this car isin the installation of a set of dodgers, which are in harmony with the alloy wheels. Of course, you can install almost any spare part that is produced on the "seven". So, on sale are: front and rear bumpers, door sills, roof and bonnet air intakes, wings, mirrors, disks and other accessories that are installed by the owners.

Zhiguli 7 tuning

One of the types of outdoor tuningis an individual painting and aerography, where there are a lot of options, and the flight of fantasy has no boundaries. Usually it is with this operation that a car conversion begins. Professional automakers and airbrushing specialists will be able to do even something out of the ordinary white car, something original and unrepeatable.

Tuning the interior as a car upgrade option

Tuning Zhiguli in the modification of salons is a frequent procedure. Consider what can be modified to make the car more colorful and individual:

  • Replacement or peretyazhka seats.
  • Replacement of the control panel and the torpedo.
  • Bracing the cabin.
  • Installation of acoustics.
  • Installation of electric window regulators.
  • Mounting the armrest.
  • Soundproofing.

All this and much more can be done with the Zhiguli.

Recommendations of experts and manufacturers

Manufacturers strongly do not recommend performing tuning operations, because they believe that this can damage the qualitative characteristics of the car, as well as cause a decline in safety.

The opinions of experts differ, as some say that tuning is not worth doing, others recommend only to professionals, and a garage option is quackery.

In the global network, you can find manyphotos and instructions how to make tuning "Zhiguli" with your own hands, but who is not sure, you should not do it yourself. Entrust the alteration of the car to specialists who will do everything quickly and efficiently.

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