Unique works of Alexei Alexandrov

Nowadays, people have become much less likely to read old, but comfortable paper books. Interest in literature in general gradually fades away. So, some modern authors, who write very good works, turned out to be almost unknown to anyone. So, this article was written to tell about the works of the new writer. Meet the hero of this article - Aleksandrov Alexey Ivanovich.

"Chimera War"

"The Chimera War" is a work by Alexey Alexandrov, written quite recently, or rather in 2013. This exciting fantasy was included in the cycle, currently consisting of three books. Its name is The Chronicles of the Dawn Empire. Here is a brief plot of the work: the kingdom of the gnomes is at the peak of its glory, it subjugated all the neighboring territories, but suddenly the kingdom weakened due to internal strife, which is something external enemies are happy about.

Books from the cycle

Gnomes have managed to win power, but can they keep it? During the strife in the north, a civil war began, and the territories adjacent to the kingdom are becoming stronger and stronger. Gnomes are confident that there will be a war of independence.But can they win it? But this question you will find the answer in the book. Moreover, it will be possible to learn this only after reading the full version.


"Heartless" - a new book by the modern writer Alexei Alexandrov. Its genre is space and combat fantasy. The work speaks about the future. The forty first century ... New technologies, space, a huge number of galaxies and planets - all this is available, open to humanity. A new adventure begins. So writes the author Alexey Alexandrov. But what an adventure is unknown. Only those who read this amazing book to the end will be able to find out.

"Battle Priest"

"Fighting Priest" - another book by Alexei Alexandrov. Her main character is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. He does nothing wrong, helps those whom he can. Good man. But he suddenly got into a completely unusual game world. What now? How to live? What will happen to him?

Alexey Aleksandrov's book

We will not answer these questions here, we will say only that the hero of the Great Patriotic War not only survived, but even returned to the normal, human world, and then lived there happily.But for this he had to overcome many trials and difficulties. About them you will learn from the fantastic work "Fighting Priest".

"The Crow. The True Story of Lord Severus Tobias Snape-Prince"

The book says that life is not eternal - everyone dies, except for real heroes. Severus Snape takes a drink, after which his soul enters the body of a schoolboy. He is waiting for many adventures, dangerous and not very much. But you will read about this in the full version of the book "The Crow. The True Story of Lord Severus Tobias Snape-Prince."

The cycle of books by Alexey Alexandrov

The article talked about the wonderful talented author. Remember, books by Alexey Alexandrov are unique and inimitable. After reading at least one of them, you will make yourself a wonderful gift. And finally: read these books! If only because the one who reads books always controls those who watch TV. And, of course, remember that each author is an individual, and there are not and cannot be two absolutely identical books.

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