Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it?

Universal electronic card in Russia (UEC) -It is a plastic card that combines a payment and identification facility. Its functions are multifaceted. With the help of UEC, you can order, pay, and then receive various public services. Also this card is both an insurance pension certificate and a medical policy.

Universal electronic map - what is it? This is additionally an identification and bank card, an electronic wallet and a signature, as well as a ticket.

Project history

The beginning of the creation of UEK can be considered December 2009of the year. It was at this time that a joint meeting of the Council, decisive issues for the development of the information society, and the State Council took place. On the agenda of this event, held under the leadership of D. Medvedev, was the question of creating and introducing a convenient and simple means to identify a citizen of Russia in resolving his issues with government departments that would combine banking, social and payment functions.

a universal electronic card that thisThus, the project "Universalelectronic card ". In mid-2010, a federal legislative act "On the organization of the provision of state and municipal services" was adopted. In this document, the defining functions of the UEC were fixed.

In the beginning of 2011 the President of the Russian Federation instructed the government to determine the amount of funding that should be allocated from the budget to develop an appropriate legal and regulatory framework and the introduction of the UEC in the country.

The first batch of universal electronicPlastic cards were issued by the end of July 2012. Their circulation was six thousand copies. The points for issuing universal electronic cards opened their doors on January 1, 2013. A new payment instrument was issued only on applications of citizens. The novelty of the special excitement did not cause.

universal electronic cards of the citizen of Russia

That is why the new party, which wasOctober 2013, included only 120 thousand copies. This is quite a bit, because according to the initial plans, which were announced by OAO UEC (the authorized federal organization, operator and project coordinator), this figure should be equal to about 3.5 million. Such a number of identification and payment means units was decided to be issued in 2014. However, due to the unpreparedness of the infrastructure existing in the regions, and also because of the replacement of paper passports with plastic cards, the mass introduction of the universal electronic card was decided to be postponed for 2015-2016.

Foreign experience

Electronic documents, using which you can get commercial and public services, as early as 2013 there were more than fifty countries in the world.

One of the first states that introducedidentification cards, became Singapore. In early 2000, residents of this country received electronic passports. The document along with the identity card contained a universal access key to the possibility of providing public services.

Such cards are also issued by Malaysia. They are both a banking and identification document, as well as a driver's license. This includes transport applications and medical information about the owner.

Biometric passports in Germany allow you to obtain the necessary access to commercial and public services, as well as to put an electronic signature on various documents.

ID-card is also created in Estonia. This tool serves simultaneously as an identity card and a carrier of the electronic signature of its owner.

Also in many countries around the world,distribution received electronic wallets. In most cases, they are attached to personalized plastic cards. This means makes it possible to make payments for small amounts and to pay citizens for public transport. Similar cards exist in Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Hong Kong.

Possibility of application of UEC

Universal electronic map - what is it?This is a large-scale modern and innovative system that provides a wide range of opportunities for both service providers and their users. The final implementation of this project will be a huge step to reduce the transaction costs of government agencies to handle requests and appeals, and significantly improve the effectiveness of their work.

points of issue of universal electronic cardsGreat opportunities will appear in the business.Entrepreneurs will be able to access a vast area that provides them with the opportunity to work with potential customers, and hence the likelihood of further development and expansion.

Universal electronic map - what is it? This is a tool that allows Russian citizens to obtain such services throughout the country:
- Municipal;
- state;
- financial;
- medical;
- commercial, etc.

When using UEC services are provided to citizens in electronic form.


How to use the universal electronic card?In order to order, pay for and get the necessary service, you will need a special device. They can be a terminal or infomate installed in state institutions, as well as those cash desks and ATMs, where there is a sticker of the payment system named PRO100.

where to issue a universal electronic cardUniversal electronic cards of a citizen of Russiacan be used at home. For this, a special device must be purchased and connected to the personal computer. This is a card reader or reader intended for reading UEC. You can connect the reader through the USB port.

List of services integrated in the service

Universal electronic cards of the citizen of Russia include:

- an identification application that allows to receive municipal, state, and commercial services, including numbers in medicine and the pension system;
- The electronic signature used to approve online documents;
- payment application, through whichdaily banking transactions are performed from open settlement accounts to pay for state and commercial services and goods, withdraw cash and much more;versus universal electronic card

- the ability to view those identificationdata that is inscribed in the card, as well as their use when filling out the necessary electronic documents, adding information about the mailing address, telephone number, etc., if necessary.

Opportunities for the executive authorities of the Russian Federation

To state institutions, as well as to off-budget funds of the Russian Federation, a universal electronic card allows:
- in the field of pensions - to inform the insured citizens about the status of their personal accounts opened by them, to receive information about social assistance, etc .;
- in the field of healthcare - use the services of electronic registries, keep records of additional and preferential medicines, etc .;
- in the field of education - to provide information on the results of the USE, maintain electronic journals and diaries, etc .;
- provide public services in other areas of the federal level.

Opportunities for the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Using UEC allows:
- accept applications, register, enroll in kindergartens and provide other services in the field of education;
- to keep a record of admission to doctors, take into account additional and preferential medicines, etc .;
- to carry out the appointment and subsequent payment of various benefits;
- pay for utilities;
- apply in the field of employment;
- implement other municipal and state services at the regional and local levels.

Opportunities for commercial organizations

Participants in the UEC project are given an opportunityelectronic provision of services in the field of communications, transport and telecommunications. With the use of a universal electronic card, insurance and banking activities are possible.

is a universal electronic card required?

All these, as well as many other commercial services can be implemented at all levels - from federal to municipal.

Getting a card

For those who wish to become a UEC owner,find the nearest point of reception of applications on the official website of this project and apply there to fill in the required form. Where to issue a universal electronic card yet? In the nearest branch of the Savings Bank of Russia. This financial organization is one of the shareholders of OAO UEK, as well as a participant of a single payment and service system, formed on the basis of a grandiose project. It is planned to connect insurance organizations and MFP (multifunctional centers) to the distribution of cards.

To issue a document for receiving UEC, you needPresent either a passport or other identity document. You will also need a certificate confirming the existence of state pension insurance.

The whole procedure, which is done absolutelyit takes about ten minutes. After checking and filing the relevant documents, an extract of the application registration journal is issued to the citizen. It indicates the approximate date the card is ready. This period, according to the norms established by law, does not exceed thirty calendar days.

Issue a universal electronic card only whenthe provision of an identity document. A citizen receives a card in his hands, as well as an envelope in which four PIN-codes are indicated. These are PIN1 and 2, PSC, PIN-code of the bank.

Opinions about the project

Against the universal electronic card advocatesome journalists and experts. In their remarks they point out the problems that arise during the implementation of the project, skeptical about its complete completion. Some citizens are also distrustful of UEC, who are afraid of total accounting and control of their lives. In this connection, the question arises: "Is a universal electronic card mandatory for Russians?" No. Legislation does not oblige citizens to receive UEC.

universal electronic school card

The introduction of a universal electronic map also raises many other questions. So, some people are afraid that someone who does not receive UEC will be subject to certain legal discrimination.

Concerning the universal electronic cardthe Church also spoke. For example, the Council of Bishops supported a progressive project, pointing out that counting the population in the era of electronics is not sinful. However, at the same time, the Church pointed out that UEK is a help in order to exercise total control over a person without any consent from him.

School card

Since 2010, a new project is being implemented in Russia.This is the system of innovative technologies "School Card", which allows to facilitate contact between pupils, school and parents. Also, this project allows you to take care of the safety of children in the form of exercising control over them.

A universal e-school card allows you to track the attendance of a child and his academic performance, as well as the turnover of funds sent by parents for school needs and meals.

School universal electronic card - thatthis tool gives to the user? The possibilities of "UEShKi" are great. So, this plastic card, in which a chip with information about the child is built, can be used as an electronic pass to the educational institution. At the same time, both the care and the arrival of the student will be automatically recorded. In addition, the card can be replenished with money using special terminals or bank transfers. This eliminates the need to give the child cash.

UESHKa is also a school food card.With its help the student can pay in buffets and canteens of educational institutions. In this case, parents will receive reports with the name of the purchased products.

The card of the schoolboy is also hiselectronic diary. All the grades displayed in the lesson are automatically duplicated on the school's website, in the student's personal section. Through this portal you can learn about homework. Parents are given the opportunity to communicate with teachers.

Using "UEShKi" allows librarianssystematize the accounting of issued textbooks and books, as well as monitor the arrears on them. Also, when using an e-card, students can download the literature needed for study and not interrupt the learning process even during illness.

Simultaneously, an electronic card is insertedinformation about the list of contra-indications of the child and about his vaccination calendar. Over time, with its help, students will be able to pay for their travel in the city public transport.

Thus, this card is absolutelyA new approach to teaching children, in which the use of secure Internet is found. In this case, the child is offered interesting programs that allow him to develop, keeping pace with the times.

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Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it Universal electronic cards of a citizen of Russia. Universal electronic map - what is it