Valentine's Day: the best gift ideas

If you are reading this article, then the Day of all lovers is just around the corner, and you still have not come up with a gift for your partner and are now rummaging on the Internet in search of a clue. We are ready to help you in this, and offer several gift ideas for a different taste and purse. Most of these presents are universal: suitable for both the guy and the girl, are original and romantic.

Romantic gifts for all lovers' day

  • Valentine's Day: the best gift ideasEven if you wrote poetry only in a distant childhood, and the most successful rhyme is "love-carrot-blood," you can still surprise and please your soulmate with a true love poem as good as Petrarch. And professional poets will help you in this, ready for a sometimes symbolic fee to describe romantically all the vicissitudes of your relationship and feelings for your beloved. In addition, you can order your portrait, a joint photo session in the style of lov-stori, record a song for her / him in a professional music studio and ask to scroll it on the radio at the right time. Or even sing the serenade under the window in the old manner.
  • Another version of the romantic gift can be a book about you, written in the style of a fairy tale about love. In it, a fairy language describes your relationship, ending with the words "and they lived happily ever after ....", And illustrations will serve as your photos. The services for creating such books offer a lot of agencies that are easy to find on the Internet.
  • A romantic evening in Zorro style is also a good gift for Valentine's Day. You must steal (literally this word) your unsuspecting half from work and take him to a country hotel where you will be waited by a foamy jacuzzi and dinner from overseas aphrodisiacs. For a man, you can arrange an evening in the style of 1000 and 1 night: decorate an apartment or room in an oriental-style hotel, depending on your outlook, you can invite striptease girls, with them to dress up in oriental beauties and delight the eyes of a loved one with incendiary erotic dances (for this purpose, make a preliminary appointment for strip-plastic courses).
  • A certificate for a joint visit to the spa with a Thai massage will bring a lot of pleasure to both of you.
  • To give underwear to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day has long been considered banal, but the situation will radically change if you donate edible chocolate linen, which you will gladly melt off her body in the midst of love comforts.

What to give to the fan of extreme sports on Valentine's Day?

A parachute jump in tandem with your half will prove your feelings, a modification of it can serve as a jump jumping - jump from a bridge with a rope or a joint flight on a paraglider. If you are not so extreme, you can stop for a ride on horseback or riding a quad bike.

The best gift for Valentine's Day - hand-made

Knit a sweater for your beloved / beloved, or at least a scarf with socks! He will warm your soul mate in your absence and at the same time constantly remind him of you.

Hand-made cards, although they cannot serve as a full-fledged gift, will decorate and perfectly complement any chosen thing, emphasizing your feelings and individuality.

Other Original Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • The puzzle from your photo: the more details, the more interesting. At the same time, the question is solved, what to do this evening!
  • A pet named after you or your partner (only unobtrusively find out first what animals he loves), but rather a couple - for example, hamsters or fish.
  • If you already gave everything and your half is spoiled to the impossibility, give her / him a star from the sky! Yes, the real one, and name it by name. Or, alternatively, a plot of land somewhere on the moon or Mars. This will help you carry out at the nearest observatory or planetarium.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful excuse to once again demonstrate the fullness of your feelings towards your loved one, however, do not forget to do this in the remaining 364 days.

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