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A large number of people are infected with the herpes virus, and therefore it is very important that a reliable, effective remedy be at hand to help get rid of the external manifestations of the virus and prevent the infection from spreading in the body. Viru Merz Serol is just such a remedy.

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Description of the drug "Viru-Mertz"

Viru Merz Serol is an antiviral drug that is prescribed for outdoor use. The main active ingredient in the preparation is thromantadine hydrochloride, the auxiliary components of Viru Merz include purified water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sorbic acid, lactose, sorbitol solution 70% and methyl parahydroxybenzoate. Tromantadine, the maximum permissible dose of which is contained in the Viru Merz drug, does an excellent job of fighting such types of herpes infections as Herpes zoster, as well as the first and second types of Herpes simplex infection. In addition, to the drug "Viru-Mertz" does not arise resistance (ability to resist) from viruses.The drug is able to relieve burning, itching and pain, characteristic of herpes infections, as well as reduce the duration of the disease and prolong the remission. Thromantadine is minimally absorbed into the skin and therefore cannot be determined in the blood or urine. There is no information about the interaction of Viru-Merz Serol with other medicinal preparations.

Indications for use of Viru Merz

virus merz serol reviews

Instructions, reviews about the preparation of both patients and medical workers note its most effective use in combating infection with herpes simplex Herpes simplex infection of the first type (the virus affects the skin and mucous membranes in the lips and nose) and the second type (mucous membranes and skin male and female genitalia).

With the same effectiveness, Viru Merz gel fights against the Herpes zoster virus, which can cause shingles.

Contraindications and overdose

Contraindications to the use of Viru-Mertz Serol, which is generally only positive reviews, include individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the auxiliary and main active ingredients of the drug, such as paraben and thromantadine.In addition, the gel is not recommended for nursing mothers, as well as women during pregnancy. In rare cases, the drug can be prescribed to pregnant women, but only if the intended benefits of using the drug will be much higher than the potential threat to the fetus. It is also not recommended to use the tool for people with complicated herpes infection in the advanced stage.

Data on overdose means "Viru Merz" was not found.

Methods and rules for the use of the drug "Viru Merz"

virus mertz instruction reviews

Patient reviews about the drug show that, on average, the course of treatment lasts no more than five days. Therefore, if positive results are not seen after two days of use of the drug, treatment should be stopped and contact your doctor.

It is necessary to apply Viru-Mertz remedy on the affected skin area, if the bubbles formed on it have not yet begun to burst. It is recommended to use the drug three to five times a day. Rub the gel should be gently, lightly, avoiding the area around the eyes, as the most sensitive.

It is very important to note that for the greatest effectiveness of the drug should be applied at the very early stage of treatment - when the first symptoms of the disease appear.If after infection with a viral infection only 2-3 hours have passed, then its further development will completely stop if you use Viru Merz gel. The opinions of specialists are unequivocal in that this remedy is not capable of preventing the transmission of the herpes virus by sexual intercourse, therefore using Viru-Mertz, you should refuse to have sex with partners, even in the absence of clinical manifestations of the disease. This is especially important if the partner is not a carrier of herpes virus infection.

Side Effects of Viru Merz Drug

As indicated in the instructions, the use of this medicinal product in rare cases may be accompanied by allergic contact dermatitis with itching, redness of the skin, increased pain, burning sensation.

Interesting information about the drug

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Recently, Viru-Mertz has been studied on patients diagnosed with “contagious mollusk”. As a result, it was concluded that the drug is able to prevent the adsorption of the virus, as well as affect the accelerated maturation and opening of the viral capsid.In such cases, the use of Viru-Mertz (reviews and research results indicate this) gives an efficiency close to 100%. At the same time, no cases of resistance or recurrence of the disease were found.

"Viru Merz" (gel) - reviews

There are a lot of reviews about the Viru-Merz therapeutic gel; patients with herpes infections on the genitals and patients with infections on the skin of the face leave them. As a rule, all reviews are positive, and they show a good effect of Viru-Merz during the period of acute illness.

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Regarding the use, contrary to instructions, the drug "Viru-Merz" during pregnancy, the reviews and opinions of many people boil down to the fact that the potential benefits of taking the drug should greatly exceed the possible threat to the fetus. In addition, the active ingredient thromantadine is minimally absorbed into the skin and therefore practically does not enter the bloodstream, and therefore, into the breast milk.

The gel is quick-drying and completely invisible to others, which allows it to be used on the street. At use of means thick white crusts are not formed.The drug very quickly removes pain, itching and other discomfort.

Unfortunately, as the reviews of patients and many specialists, in particular, dermatologists show, about the Viru-Mertz drug, one can only stop the acute infection, and it is very difficult to completely defeat the herpes.

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