Viscose - what is it?

Nikolay Lazarenko
Nikolay Lazarenko
March 21, 2013
Viscose - what is it?

If you have a question when choosing clothes: viscose, what kind of fabric is it and is it worth buying? - our article will help you. Viscose is the most natural artificial fiber. Make by chemical means of cellulose, wood. Products from these fabrics are extremely pleasant to the touch, do not lose color after repeated washes. Do not stretch. Softness, stretchability, keeps its shape well, breathability, beautifully painted - all this is viscose. Sometimes on labels you can find the inscription MODAL - this is the patented name of viscose canvas.

Viscose fabrics are highly hygroscopic and breathable. This means that the body in such a fabric "breathes." The coloring technology, different from cotton, allows to get more brightness of color and less washing out of viscose fabric. Like cotton, viscose does not accumulate static electricity.

Viscose Fabrics

  • Rayon is a thin, silk-like material. It is often called rayon. And often they are really hard to distinguish.However, the difference can be "smelled" when burning: in cellulose silk, the smell reminds of burnt paper.
  • The second cellulose-based material is Lyocell. This material is produced only from raw materials, which are obtained from eucalyptus and using only organic solvents.

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