Vitamin D for babies. Need or not?

With the advent of the child in the house, every mother has a lot of questions. How to bathe the baby, how and what to feed? What method of education to use? Does vitamin D give to babies? Young mother almost every day receives advice from others, and they are all different. So how to understand and do the right thing?vitamin d for babies

A little bit about vitamin D

This vitamin is produced in humans under the action of sunlight. It is extremely beneficial to the body and accumulates in the skin. If a person is a long time in the sun, in the country in which he lives, a good climate, then it is not required to take it additionally. And what if we are talking about a small child, for whom he is very important? Vitamin D for babies is available in the form of a syrup, which should be given to babies regularly. Not only for the treatment of deficiency, but also for prevention.

Vitamin Forms

There are several forms of vitamin D. One of them accumulates in the skin. This is vitamin D3, which is what children need.The water-based drug is prescribed by pediatricians especially often, as it is safe, does not cause allergies and does not have a toxic effect. In addition, there is an oil solution. Vitamin D for infants is also useful in this form.vitamin d for babies

Why does he need a child

He is prescribed by a doctor to any newborn, and especially to those who were born during the cold season - in winter or autumn, when the child does not receive a dose of sunlight sufficient for development. It is vitamin D for infants and helps prevent such diseases as rickets. It is very difficult to obtain this substance from food, therefore a few drops of syrup will solve the problem of deficiency. Vitamin D is involved in important processes of the body, regulates the metabolic process of calcium, phosphorus, affects the growth and development of bones and teeth. Due to the rapid growth of the baby increases the load on the muscles, and vitamin D is very useful for them.

Indications for use

The drug is used with a lack of vitamin D and the treatment of rickets. In addition, it is prescribed for prophylaxis. Also, patients with osteoporosis and hypocalcemic tetany take it.


It is necessary to monitor the dosage of medication during pregnancy and lactation. Vitamin D is not used for hypervitaminosis, hypercalciuria, tuberculosis, kidney disease, in children under 4 weeks.

Side effects

In case of overdose, the following signs are possible: nausea, vomiting, headaches, discomfort in the muscles, fever, sleep disturbances. In case of intolerance of the drug, it should be canceled.

Do you need vitamin D for babies

vitamin d for infants instruction

If the baby has enough vitamin, his bones are strengthened, and his teeth grow, the child often takes sun baths, then it is not necessary to use the drug, except for one drop a day for prevention. Pediatricians are often advised to take two drops of an aqueous solution of vitamin D per day during the cold season and one in summer and spring. They give it to a child from two weeks of age to one and a half years. It is extremely important to prevent an excess of vitamin D in the body of the baby, because it can cause great harm.

How to give vitamin D for babies? Instruction

Usually, pediatricians prescribe solutions for the prevention of rickets. It is worth noting that the oil solution is vitamin D2, and water, or, as it is also called, the drug "Akvadetrim" is vitamin D3. It is advisable to give the baby a second means.One drop contains about 500 IU of vitamin. Such a dosage is sufficient to prevent a substance deficiency in the body of a baby. A pediatrician may increase it if you suspect the development of rickets or to treat it. Moms, remember that it’s not up to you to decide which vitamin D to give to a child, only a doctor should do this. Take care of your baby's health!

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