We come up with the name of sports teams. How to name a sports team?

When a little man is born, wecertainly give him a name. And to his choice we treat extremely scrupulously and we approach this issue with all responsibility: we consult with close people, we agree on the name with the patronymic, we read the interpretation of names and look at various forums and blogs of young parents.

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Why is it important to successfully and correctly choose the name of the team for sports competitions?

The behavior described above is completely justified,because a small child is incredibly important for parents, and it is only natural that they want to give him all the best, including the name. It's not for nothing that there is a saying: "As a ship you will call it - so it will float." The last lines refer not only to the person's name, but also to all other names of objects and living beings. Athletes are pretty superstitious people, and the name of the sports teams for them is like the beginning of the beginnings.

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Which team name is better to exclude from possible options at once?

1. You can not use in the title words, values ​​and beliefs that carry enmity, calls for violence, incline to dishonest and unprofessional sport. Especially it concerns the younger generation, which psychologically negatively affects the names of children's sports teams. After all, everyone knows that the child's psyche is not yet strong enough, and it is more susceptible to negative appeals than to positive ones. The title should be based on universal values, educate in the younger generation such qualities of character that are worthy to be called a Man with a capital letter.

name of sports school teams2. Categorically you can not choose a name by quarreling and conflicts! Each member of the team is valuable and important. Without it, it will be another team. How to name a sports team, it is necessary to solve only together and unanimously. If this does not work out, then it can be done by lot, in which all the proposed options will participate. But in no case can one deprive someone of the right to choose the name of the team for which he will strive to win. The name that the participant did not choose and which he does not like, at the psychological level, will be an obstacle to the full disclosure of his abilities.

What you should pay attention to

It is undesirable to choose the name of sports teamsvery close to the already different name of the existing team. You, most likely, understand why. This team already has a certain reputation, and whatever it is, it will not play into your hands. Here there will be a prejudice, though unconscious. After all, if the reputation of other players with the same name is good, then your team will subconsciously wait for the appropriate level. And if it's bad, then the newly created team will involuntarily be associated with poor results and unprofessionalism. And this new players certainly do not need!

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What factors can you rely on when choosing the name of the sports teams?

1. You can associate a team name with a geographical location and localization. Binding to the terrain will give an opportunity to glorify your land and the people living in it. In addition, if the terrain is well known, why not take advantage of this advantage? After all, the reputation of the famous city will serve to ensure that your name will be remembered by fellow countrymen and admirers of the city. And if the results of the competitions are high, then all other adherents of this sport will be on hearing. This also includes the name of sports school teams, because binding to a well-established educational institution already increases the reputation of the team.

2. It is important to consider the look and style of the sport. For example, football teams are not suitable names from the field of teams of sports ballroom dances. Here you can focus on the strong, outstanding and individual traits of the sport.

 how to name a sports team3. Physiological characteristics of team members can serve as a classifier for names. Factors such as gender and age can significantly change the perception of the team both in the positive and in the negative. A typical example is the name of sports teams for preschoolers. A team of children of 4-6 years with an adult caller will not be perceived at the proper level. The discrepancy of the name of reality in the eyes of the fans becomes ridiculous and, accordingly, develops a negative and distrustful attitude towards the team.

4. A good trump card, frightening opponents, can be an emphasis on the strong and common features of the team members. After all, who dares to cope with a pack of wolves or tigers, whose features are unity, incredible endurance and staying always in the role of hunters.

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Professionals and amateurs

With special attention it is necessary to approach, choosingthe name of the team for sporting events. Despite the fact that sports competitions are of different levels, you want to win on any of them. Therefore, if the team goes on the path of professional development and enters into competitions with other professionals, it is important, besides the above factors, that the title be sonorous, as it will be often mentioned as the career of the team develops. The name should cut into memory as if by itself and carry a shade of something nice and powerful.

Should I rename a team if it does not meet expectations?

This practice, of course, exists. But it was more likely that the choice of the name was not paid enough attention and not all was taken into account. It is worth it or not, it is impossible to say unequivocally. But the fact that changing the name can radically change the fate of the team is a fact. The new name gives a chance to look at your strengths differently, to rethink the values ​​of the team. However, the failure of the team does not yet say that the name is bad. It can be very well chosen, but the internal perception of the team members themselves and each other cardinally affects the development and success of the team. It's not for nothing that they say: "Man does not paint the place, but man is the place."

Why do many sports teams, with decent names, not achieve success?

It is worth remembering that the name bears in itselfa certain semantic load, the quintessence of all the best that can be inherent in this team. If the name of the sports teams is chosen wisely and correctly, it only remains to match this name. Each team member should not just know the name, but also feel it. Realizing the strengths of the team and their own, the person knows how to use them to achieve the maximum result. Awareness is half way to success. After that, it's only the actions. After all, success comes from within man, not from outside.

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