We learn how to cook semolina for fishing for a great bite!

Quite often in fishing use various baits of plant origin. And, perhaps, among this type of bait the most popular semolina because of its availability and ease of preparation. How to cook semolina for fishing, every avid fisherman knows, each applying some of his own tricks. The semolina is so popular with anglers as it is a universal bait suitable for catching almost any non-predatory fish. It does not take unless the silver carp. Passionate fishing enthusiasts may not find anything new for themselves, but for beginners, tips on how to make semolina for fishing will be useful.

how to cook semolina for fishing

What are the noodles of semolina

Depending on the method of preparation, there are three main types of decoys of semolina:

  • "Talker" - used raw cereals;
  • "Mastyrka" - made by steaming semolina;
  • "Cool" - requires boiling semolina.

Each of these types of nozzles can be prepared in various ways. Below are the most popular options for preparing semolina for fishing.

How to cook a talker

The easiest way is to fill in the dry semolina with cool water. The lower the water temperature, the better, otherwise the semolina talker will not hold well on the hook. Prepare such a bait immediately in the container in which it will be during use. It should be borne in mind that such bait is not intended for long-term storage, so you need to cook it no more than 150 grams - this is quite enough for several hours of fishing.

The recipe for making the most common manna talker is quite simple:

  • in the prepared dishes need to pour the dry semolina, filling four-fifths of the volume;
  • after that, you need to gently pour in cold water while mixing the semolina (there should not be any grains not wetted with water);
  • excess water that could accumulate over the gruel must be drained;
  • now leave semolina for 20-30 minutes for swelling;
  • after that, the resulting porridge should be gently kneaded with a stick until a thick, smooth mass is obtained.

how to make semolina for fishing

How to make the talker "tastier"

How to make semolina for fishing, so that it seemed attractive even for not too hungry fish? To do this, use a variety of attractants, including any flavors that may be at home: anise, sunflower, olive and other strongly smelling oil, vanilla, pepper and other spices. At the same time, dry additives should be mixed with semolina before you start pouring water. No need to overdo it with the addition of flavors. At 150 grams of porridge is enough five drops of butter or a small packet of vanilla.

You can also divide the swollen semolina into several parts and add a couple of drops of different oil into them, since it is not known in advance which flavor will best attract the fish. Such balls should be decomposed into packages so that they do not dry out so quickly - and you can safely go fishing.

How to steam semolina for fishing

The standard method for making bait is as follows. It is necessary to pour water into the pot and wait for the boil. Now, gently, in a thin stream, you should fill the semolina in boiling water, at the same time interfering with its spoon.When a homogeneous mass is obtained, remove the pan from the heat, without ceasing to stir the contents. It is necessary to ensure that all the grains are soaked with water, there should be no dry lumps.

After that, you need to cover the saucepan with a lid and wrap it with a towel, a woolen blanket or a warm scarf. After 20-30 minutes, when the semolina swells, you need to open the pan and allow to cool down the contents. When the porridge becomes such a temperature that it can be held in the hands, it is necessary to carefully knead it. How to knead semolina for fishing, so that it does not stick to your hands? To do this, just moisten your hands odorous vegetable oil. This procedure will also make the bait more fragrant and attractive to fish.

A simple way to make manna bait

Here is a simple recipe for how to cook semolina for fishing without wasting time. Groats and water should be taken in equal parts. It is necessary to pour water into the pot and put it on fire. When it boils, pour a thin stream of semolina, while not forgetting to constantly stir until the porridge thickens. The resulting mass should be laid out on the table, pre-oiled with vegetable oil.It is also necessary to lubricate the hands so that the porridge does not stick to them. The semolina must be thoroughly kneaded by hand until it reaches the desired consistency.

how to steam semolina for fishing

Another way very similar to the previous one: the ratio of water and semolina should be 2: 1. Groats are also gently poured into boiling water and cooked with constant stirring until a very viscous mass is obtained. Lightly cooled mass should be laid out on the oiled surface, and then thoroughly knead it with your hands to the desired hardness.

How to cook semolina for fishing in the bag

Longer in terms of making manna bait, but no less effective is the boiling of the cereal in the pouch (cotton piece of cloth, gauze). Take the required amount of semolina and pour into the pan. Then you need to pour water to its level was 3-4 centimeters above cereals. Stir the contents of the saucepan and leave to infuse for at least 4-5 hours (it is best left overnight). After that, all the excess water must be drained, and the semolina should be transferred to the prepared cotton fabric, tied with a bag. The fabric must be white, otherwise the semolina will be colored.

At the second stage, it is necessary to pour water into a saucepan and put it on fire. When the water boils, place a bag of semolina in it. Our future bait should boil in this way for about 30 minutes, but not more than an hour. The longer the time, the harder the bait.

Custom methods of cooking semolina bait

All the above recipes are well known to many anglers. But not everyone knows how to make semolina for fishing using non-standard methods in order to get an excellent result. First you need to take an empty matchbox and very tightly stuff it with semolina (you can add some attractant to it). After this, the boxes must be closed and wrapped around it from all sides. Then dip it in boiling water and cook for approximately one hour. The result is a small bar, which can be quite easily cut into several portions. The nozzle prepared in this way will not be able to disrupt even a very strong current.

how to make semolina for fishing

Another interesting way of making bait can be called "Cherche la femme", because there is no one very important item in a woman’s wardrobe.We need to take a nylon stocking (just ask permission first from the wife in order to avoid scandal). It should fill the desired amount of semolina. After that, the stocking is tied to the faucet, the semolina is washed under cold water. When the croup turns into something like a tight rubber, the bait will be ready for use.

Cooking sweet bait long-term storage

Is there a special secret how to cook semolina for fishing, so that it can be stored for a long time, for example, in the refrigerator, and used only as needed? It turns out that there is such a recipe, and quite simple!

In a small deep bowl, break two chicken eggs. Then you need to add 50-100 ml of sweet syrup, fruit puree or something like that. Mix everything well. Then add in equal quantities semolina and flour (preferably soybean), then knead a fairly steep dough. The resulting mass should be immediately divided into small portions and rolled balls from them.

how to make semolina for fishing

The resulting pellets need to be put into a strainer and put it in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes.Then the balls should be dried on a kitchen towel, then folded in a plastic bag and sent to the freezer.

how to cook semolina for fishing

Milk semolina bait on a crucian

Asking a question about how to make a semolina for fishing on a crucian, not every angler knows that ordinary milk can come to the rescue. The fact is that a fish hungry over the winter needs protein, which dairy products are so rich with. To make a dairy bait, you need to take a deep bowl or saucepan and break six chicken eggs into it, add a special “stuffing” to improve the taste (options will be described below) and mix well.

Then in the mixture you need to add three tablespoons of powdered milk and one or two semolina. Start kneading the dough until you get a homogeneous thick mass, suitable for hanging on the hook. If the gruel does not thicken, then you can add semolina, until you get the desired result.

how to knead semolina for fishing

As a "filling" you can use the following options:

  • sweet: creamy soft cheese, banana or strawberry juice;
  • spicy: garlic juice, salt and hot pepper;
  • salted: sea salt, black pepper and vegetable oil.

Whatever method of cooking bait for fishing you choose, you can be sure that a great catch with a small bit of luck is guaranteed.

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