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Recommend a person or company in Novosibirsk, which can do the promotion of an online store.
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Answered on April 16, 17:48
As they say, you want to do well - do it yourself! Watch the training videos, read the articles, practice a little and work on promoting yourself. If, of course, there is enough time. I just wouldn’t really like to launch strangers into the engine of my online store.
Answered on April 16, 19:44
And I would trust the promotion of the store to professionals. Because it is very easy to spoil something, and then to fix it later to specialists. Moreover, I heard that the wrong promotion not only does not help the site, but can harm it - search engines will impose so-called filters on it. Garik, look, maybe this company in Novosibirsk, which is engaged in SEO promotion, will suit you
Answered on April 16, 20:06
If you are satisfied with the promotion on a remote, beacon, my brother from Samara is engaged. After all, what difference does it make - at the place of a specialist will be located in another city, if you communicate, you will still mostly by phone and email.

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