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Here I have a wedding soon. And I don’t even know which dress is best to buy. We will celebrate in Krasnoyarsk. Girls, tell me, how did you choose your dress? I would be happy and advice about the shops in my city.
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Answered on June 22 02:19
And what is your budget at all? It still plays a role in choosing a dress. If the budget is small, then you will not run away. It is necessary to take not what you like, but what will at least look decent)
Answered on June 22 02:22
Seraphim, and you are so vain. My girlfriend, for example, ordered a dress on an aliexpress bridal, can you imagine? And no one, no one guessed it. Everyone asked where she bought such beauty.
Olga Lapteva
Olga Lapteva
Answered on June 22 02:26
But I'm still a classic. A beautiful magnificent wedding dress is always beautiful and always relevant. I can tell you exactly what you can buy in Krasnoyarsk here. Do you even want something like that, or are you inclined to some not quite ordinary options? Tell us about your preferences just a little bit.

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