What are my colorful dreams about?

All people are different, and their dreams are also completely different from each other. Some say that visions come to them, painted in bright colors. The latter, on the contrary, claim that they are pursued only by black and white dreams. And still others share that at night they are both. What do colored dreams mean? Let's try to find the answer to this question.

How many people, so many opinions

Some researchers argue that colorful visions can only be creative individuals with a rich imagination and sense of taste. The latter tend to think that color dreams are a clear sign of a mental disorder inherent in schizophrenia.colourful dreams

There is also an opinion that multi-colored dreams are associated with the advent of modern television. Scientists have conducted a study, during which it became clear that the older generation, in the past watching only black and white films, are now far less often met with visions in paints. In contrast, to the youth who grew up in modern paintings with special effects, come color dreams quite often.

From general to specific

We will understand in more detail who dreams of color dreams.

  • Women are more often visited by visions in colors, due to their natural emotionality.
  • Men, on the contrary, have black-and-white dreams, due to their intellectual development.
  • Young people up to 27 years old are constantly confronted with this phenomenon, as their lives are filled with a wide variety of impressions, while the older generation lacks visions filled with colors.
  • Lefty, oddly enough, often see color dreams, due to their more developed right brain hemisphere.
  • 100% of children are characterized by colorful visions, since their process of studying the world is accompanied by vivid emotions and impressions.
  • And the last group who dreams of color dreams is people who recently quit smoking. This is explained by the strong stress experienced by any smoker who has said no to an addiction.

who dreams of color dreams

The reasons for the appearance of colorful dreams

On the question of why dreams are colored, no one has yet found an answer. However, scientists agree on one thing - if a person’s day was intense and interesting, then the night vision would be just as colorful.If your life is measured and calm, then the dreams will not be remembered.

Meaning of colors and shades prevailing in visions

  • Light tones and white color can mean something new, fresh. You should set your whole day for a good mood after a similar dream.
  • Heavenly colors characterize euphoria and detachment. Perhaps this is what you lack in real life.
  • Reds are known to mean agitation. Along with this, there is another deciphering of the scarlet color - it symbolizes immediate readiness for love experiences.
  • Orange shades are a sign of anxiety. It is worth thinking about what is wrong in your life.
  • The predominance of yellow color means the rise of life, the tone in which the person is.
  • Black and purple are an indication of general fatigue or illness.
  • Gray shades symbolize boredom and apathy. It may be worth changing the situation and getting distracted.

what do colored dreams mean

Do color dreams only see schizophrenics?

Again, I want to return to the issue of mental disorders in people who see colorful pictures at night. American scientists conducted another study.Before the start of the experiment, all subjects were divided into three groups:

  • people with schizophrenia;
  • persons having cases of hereditary schizophrenia;
  • perfectly healthy individuals.

During the experiment, it became clear that the first and second groups throughout the entire observation period saw mostly color dreams, while the third group described only black and white visions.

Should we believe the American scientists? Perhaps this is a personal matter of each individual. However, it is worth remembering, just in case, have you ever had color dreams? Perhaps this is another reason to think.

Maybe the TV is to blame?

British scientists did not want to lag behind the American. In the UK, a study was also conducted in which subjects were divided into two age groups:

  • category of people under 25;
  • category of people under 55 years old.

Colourful dreams. What does it mean?

During the experiment, the second group was again subjected to separation. This time, they singled out people who, in their childhood, watched mostly black and white films, and those who were fortunate enough at that time to get acquainted with color television. It turned out that the first subgroup was constantly black and white visions, while the second - color dreams.What does it mean? Scientists have concluded that childhood experiences, which were caused by color gears, are directly related to dreams in more mature age.

Exposing Myths

Myth number 1: "I see only black and white dreams."

This is an erroneous opinion, since all people, without exception, meet with both color and black and white dreams. It all depends on the emotional and mental stress on a particular day.

Myth number 2: "Visions in colors are peculiar only to mentally unhealthy people."

Again an erroneous stereotype. According to statistics, gifted people often have color dreams. What does this mean, we will understand together. It is very difficult for talents to stay away from emotions and impressions, therefore, on a subconscious level, they are subject to mood swings and experiences. Accordingly, this internal state and has an impact on dreams.why dreams are colored

In conclusion, I would like to add that our night visions are completely dependent on the general state of the body, external and internal. Be always healthy and beautiful, may harmony and love live in your soul. Small troubles can not be avoided, but still want to be as small as possible in our life.Let your dreams shine with all the colors of the rainbow!

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