What are the films about female friendship?

What are the films about female friendship?

  • There are a lot of films about women's friendship.

    I want to advise you such good films, which I watch with great pleasure, namely:

    quot; Female friendship;- this is a Russian film, about how the fates of the two women crossed, but no one knew that Natalia was the mistress of Anna's husband. And then what? And then friendship, real female friendship.

    quot; Girlfriends & quot ;;- a very good and vital film.

    "The stepmother";- this film is somewhat reminiscent of the movie "Women's Friendship", but in the movie "The Stepmother"; the characters played much better, and the plot is simply magnificent. Sometimes you think about it, but in fact nothing so brings women closer than illness, children and a beloved man. After all, there were several days of enemies, and now - the best girlfriends.

    Balzac age or all the men ..- this is certainly a series, but I like it, I even look through some episodes that made a great impression on me. The story of the fate of four friends, who are different in nature but at any minute will help a friend.

    quot; Banditsquot;- this film is for adventurers. A very interesting film that attracts like a magnet to the TV screen.

    I'm happyquot;- a good movie, even a friend was very far away, and came to Moscow for the sake of her lover, but she is a real friend who made a real princess from her mother's three children.

    quot; Charmed;- let this be a series, let the friendship be between the sisters, but in our life sometimes there is not enough magic and good magic. There are times that you want to sit down and watch this series about friendship, magic, about love.

    Also, I want to advise other such films about female friendship as: "Best friends", "The country of the deaf", "Perfect voice", "Bachelorhood", "Thelma and Louise", "Secrets", "The pious" stinks "," Pisces of passion "," Sex in the City "," The Mean Girls "," More Nowhere To Go "," Cagney and Leisley "," Quilt "," Ghost World ", quot; With you and without you ";" The Club of the First Wives, "" Desperate Housewives "," Witchcraft April "," Beauty Salon "; Venus ;," Women's Intuition ";" Princess's Diary "; lyazhequot ;, quot; Printsessyquot ;, quot; Ty yaquot ;, quot; old podrugaquot ;, quot; Away from tebyaquot ;, quot; Urban devchonkiquot ;, quot; Plot prokaznitsquot ;.

    These films I really liked, the films have everything, love, hate, friendship, life stories, magic.

    I wish you pleasant viewing and good mood. Good luck.

    What are the films about female friendship?
  • Ltd! I remember watching the movie "Frozen green tomatoes" somehow; according to the novel by Fanny Flagg; "Fried green tomatoes in the cafe". Staged movie about a true female friendship, and maybe even something more ... there is not quite clear ...

  • Ummm ... Well, Charlie's Angels; for example.

    "The war of brides", although there somehow from friendship to hatred, after - again into friendship ...

    "Cops in skirts"; of the latter. At least, about the path to friendship, although the comedy is so-so.

  • There are many such films. They are divided into two groups. Or it is a strong friendship that helps to get through some problem. Either this is a showdown and quarrel, which ends with reconciliation at the very end. Their most popular films should be called Urban girls, Pranksters, Prince and I.

  • It was necessary to talk about female friendship in the cinema and I immediately remembered two wonderful Soviet films, "Three plus two"; and "The girls". There is not in these films between women of lies, hypocrisy, but simple friendships.

  • Immediately remembered the movie quot; The most charming and attractivequot ;.

    The heroine of the film, played by Irina Muravieva, a friend (Tatiana Vasilyeva) helps to increase her self-esteem and become an enviable bride.

    A wonderful Soviet film that I can watch an infinite number of times. The most interesting thing is that it does not become obsolete - it just shows the mechanism of "success", which is now very popular.

    And the point is that we do not see our own happiness, which we already have, it is near - literally under the nose, but we are looking for something special - which, as it turns out, we do not really need.

    In this film, a lot of good actors are involved - Mikhail Shirvindt (husband of the heroine Vasilyeva), Alexander Abdulov, Leonid Kuravlev (colleagues) and others.

    Do not say thatfilm"The most charming ... quot; devoted entirely tofemale friendship. But this aspect takes a lot of time in the tape. Relations between friends are very entertaining and sometimes funny. It's a movie with a very high level of humor.

    What are the films about female friendship?
  • In my opinion, an excellent film and in itself and about the female friendship, which lasted for so many years, was shot by Vladimir Menchov - "Moscow does not believe tears!".

    I find that the film is also based on the novel by Jane Austen quot; Pride and Prejudice; also about women's friendship, because the relationship between Jane and Lizzie is still something more than just sympathy and love of the two sisters, they are really friendly, understand, appreciate each other's thoughts and feelings, and this is for life. They are very interesting to each other as individuals.

  • True female friendship is shown in such beautiful Soviet tapes as "The Girls", "Moscow does not believe in tears".

    From foreign cinema can be called the movies - "The devil wears the Prado", "Eastwick's Welsh", "desperate housewives", "In jazz only girls", "The Club of the First Wives", "Bandits".

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