What can be made of flowers?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 19, 2014
What can be made of flowers?

Flowers are eternal companions of the holiday. Of course, you can go to the flower shop and buy a beautiful bouquet. It is trite, but always relevant. But it is better to spend some time and make a real surprise, because so many interesting crafts can be made from flowers.


Original bouquets of flowers can be made from real plants as well as from artificial ones. Sometimes, to give a bouquet of unusual, just add an interesting detail. For example, you can glue the can with colored pencils and place bright flowers in it. The same composition can be made from artificial flowers. A bouquet made from them will decorate the interior.

Bouquets look very delicate and beautiful, in which shells are added as decorative elements.

Flower heart

A wonderful gift for lovers with a sweet surprise can be made from carnations. For this, besides sweets and flowers, you will need:

  • wire;
  • adhesive tape;
  • decorative tape.

Creating a bouquet

  1. Wrap the first stud with wire around the base of the head. In the same way we attach the next one so that it fits snugly to the previous one. Add flowers and form a heart.
  2. With adhesive tape we fasten the basis of the flowers and decorate it with a beautiful ribbon.
  3. With the help of decorative ribbons form a basket for sweets. To do this, repeatedly pass it through the wire below the base of the flowers.
  4. Put candy in a basket - and the gift is ready!

Toys from fresh flowers

You can safely rely on success if you bring flowers in the form of a toy instead of a bouquet. In professional salons, such a service will cost a pretty penny, although it is quite easy to make such an article. To make a flower bear you will need:

  • several bars of the "oasis" (floral sponge):
  • about 20 branches of chrysanthemums;
  • wire;
  • material for eyes and nose.

Making toys

  1. Cut a bear out of a large piece of sponge with a sharp knife. To make it easier to work, put a teddy bear in front of you and copy his figure. Cut off the paws from a separate piece and attach them to the body using wire.
  2. Place the teddy bear in a container with water and let the sponges squeeze with water for 10-20 seconds.
  3. Place the blank on the stand and proceed to decorate it.
  4. Cut the flowers (the length of the stem should be at least 2 cm). Make paws and ears from small flowers and buds, and other parts of the figure from large ones. Start working from the base, gently sticking flowers into the sponge. Between the flowers should not be openings.
  5. Glue teddy nose and eyes. You can make them out of paper or buy them in the hardware section.

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