What can cook delicious?

The morning starts with a good breakfast. Delight home with their light and tasty dishes at the beginning of the day, you can list them for a long time, tell you about some. Not everyone has a good appetite after sleep, so food should be light and satisfying. These products include cottage cheese. You can serve fresh cottage cheese with condensed milk, and you can diversify the table with unusual curd products. Cooking dishes from fresh and sour cottage cheese, see the article "What to cook from cottage cheese?"


For breakfast, homemade yogurt will be very useful. It is made from milk. You can buy yogurt maker or cook without it. Store yogurts leave much to be desired, so stock up on fresh homemade milk and proceed according to this article: "What to cook with milk?". Do not forget the tea. This everyday and seemingly ordinary drink needs to be properly prepared in order to make tea drinking even more pleasant. In Japan, the tea ceremony is a special process that extends over a pleasantly long time.How to brew tea, see here: "How to brew tea?".


What can be cooked tasty for lunch? Usually some cookies, a roll or baked apples are served for the second breakfast. This meal is not very high-calorie, but should facilitate the waiting for dinner. Milkshakes are well suited from drinking. They can be prepared using a blender or even a mixer. The basis is whole fresh milk. Fruits, sugar, honey and other products are added to taste. Read more about cocktails here: "How to make a milkshake?".


Let's now talk about what you can cook delicious for lunch. Of course, the central dish is hot soup. Without it, food intake will be “dry” and such snacks are harmful for digestion. Soup or borscht, hodgepodge or cabbage soup, homemade chicken noodles or warm cream soup - you decide. See recipes for some soups in the "Soups" section.

The first dish should not be very fat, heavy. There should be a desire for the second dish. On the second, you can cook something from the meat. Meat goulash will suit the side dish of rice or buckwheat. Without a side dish you can eat juliens, meat in pots.Read more about meat products in the "Meat" section.

Do not forget the side dish. If the meat dish was a success, a side dish would be just a nice addition. Of the simple - boiled rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, boiled buckwheat. You can cook Italian rice with vegetables or mashed potatoes with greens.


If you dine, as expected, does not work, then consider what you can cook tasty quickly. These are various hot sandwiches, baked chicken in a sleeve, fried eggs with bacon and vegetables, meat porridges. But it will be better to eat the soup, always eat hot, so that at least once a day the first course in the menu is possible.


For dinner, a dish is served that can be used for a second lunch. These are light meat dishes, a side dish. Vegetable dishes are good for dinner.

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