What do the names mean?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
August 27, 2014
What do the names mean?

Name and surname accompany any person since birth. However, not all people know what the names of their families mean and where they come from.

The surname is a generic name that appeared in ancient times. The word "last name" comes from the Latin word for "family." Judging by the chronicle sources, we can conclude that the inhabitants of the free Novgorod lands had nicknames-surnames as early as the 12th-13th centuries. Initially, the names were mostly from the nobility, then appeared in other people.

The meaning of surnames is closely related to their sources of origin. Knowing how this or that surname appeared, you can find out what it means.

Origin of names: sources

  • Place of residence, geographical names (for example, Vyazemsky, Rostovsky, Belozersky, etc.);
  • Names of ancestors, that is, patronymic name (Ivanov's son is the surname of Ivanov, generic names were similarly formed: Sidorovs, Petrovs, Antonovs, Stepanovs, etc.);
  • Names of birds and animals (Utkin, Volkov, Zaitsev, Sokolov, Grachev, Belkin, etc.);
  • Professional activities (Kuznetsovs, Tkachevs, Rybakovs, etc.);
  • Nicknames (for example, the surname Dolgoruky comes from the nickname “Long Hands”, or the surname Vereshchagin comes from the verb “squeal”);
  • Name-wards. In the old days it was meant that they served as a powerful defense against evil forces, and not at all cursed their owners, as it may seem. Examples of such surnames: Fools, Negodyaevs, Nekrasovs, etc.
  • Non-Russian roots of surnames can be found in such family names as the Karamzins (the source is Kara Murza), the Akhmatovs (the source is Akhmat), Lermontovs, etc.
  • Life - articles of clothing and footwear are reflected in the last names: Laptev, Shashchiny, etc .; food products: Sbitnevs, Sakharovs and so on.

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