What do you know about US Independence Day?

In America, as in any other country, there are national holidays. Of course, Americans love international festivals: they celebrate Catholic Christmas and New Year with special love. But is it worth thinking that this list ends? Of course not. They honor their leaders and fighters — MLK Day (reminiscent of which more than six million citizens voted for) and Presidential Day in honor of Washington and Lincoln remind of this — it is a common weekend. They remember their warriors - each year at the end of May, Commemoration Day begins, the sources of which begin with the Civil War itself. Thanksgiving Day, known throughout the world for cinema, also has a long tradition - turkey, pumpkin pie and corn dishes on this day are put on all tables of the country. But in more detail I want to tell about another, no less important, holiday of this country. This is US Independence Day.

USA Independence Day

So where did this holiday come from?

When the power of Great Britain acquired an oppressive form for the American colonies in 1775, the war began.It led to an awareness of the need to secede from the crown and create, in fact, a separate democratic state. So, Thomas Jefferson, with the assistance of such people as Adams, Franklin, Sherman and Livingston, created a great document in the history of the American power - the Declaration of Independence. It was there that the federal name was first mentioned - the United States of America. After several editions, on July 4, 1776, the document was adopted in the version known to this day. And the mere fact that the crown declared the States independent only in 1783 did not detract from the triumph of the emerging American nation - to this day, July 4, they celebrate US Independence Day. Despite the fact that the Declaration was signed only on August 2 of the same year, for several centuries this day was recognized as the birthday of the States.

USA Independence Day

How do people celebrate Independence Day in the USA?

Traditionally on this day, since the first anniversary, people organize barbecues in nature, and the government strikes the world with grand parades. It does not do here without pyrotechnics: in the country for a few days, sales of crackers and salutes soar to record heights.And festive magnificent fireworks for US independence day are famous all over the world for their scale. Naturally, the inhabitants of the country in every way try to present their patriotism. Therefore, national flags hang on almost every house, the streets are full of ribbons and balloons, and here and there harvested songs and speeches are heard - people praise American Independence Day. Orchestras play in various public places. Since most of the inhabitants are religious, the churches also do not remain forgotten - many come there to bring thanks to God and ask for further good for the country.

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Every year, on July 4, at exactly 12 days, all the military bases of the country armed with artillery fire from the main cannon?

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United States independence day is also supported in other countries: Denmark, the Philippines, England, Sweden, Guatemala, Norway, and part of Canada are also honored by the federal triumph.

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