What does it mean to be free?

Every living being, including man, always strives for freedom. What does it mean to be free? Each of us reveals this concept in its own way, but at the same time, each of us wants to be free. Human freedom depends on himself, as well as on the society in which he lives, as well as on the content that he puts into the concept of "freedom."

Relative freedom

Let's give an example. A person, being still in childhood, dreams of being raised, that he will grow up and become free: you can not listen to your parents, not learn lessons, not go to school. And this hour is coming, but it brings other problems behind it: work, children, family. The question arises: when did this person have more freedom? Probably during childhood. For it is now loaded even more and depends on many vital factors. The time has passed. Our hero did not make friends with the law and ended up in places of detention. Is he free today? Physically, of course not. Morally? It depends on his character: does his conscience bite his deed? Does he worry about his family? This shows that such a concept as individual freedom is relative.

From the example we can conclude that different people in the same conditions will consider their position not the same: one can say that he is free, and the second will not be a free person.

What are the types of freedom

Scientists consider the concept of “freedom” in all its manifestations, and on this basis they define four types of freedom. Namely:

The first kind is physical freedom. If a person is physically free, it means that he has the opportunity to go where he wants and do what he wants.

The second kind is spiritual freedom. It enables a person to live in his perception of the world, he has the opportunity to express what he thinks about.

The third kind is national freedom. A person can live with his people and consider himself part of it.

The fourth type of freedom is state. It enables a person to choose a government under whose authority he would like to live.

What does it mean to be a free man

Again we return to the issue of human freedom. First of all, the freedom of the individual must be regarded as freedom of employment. He has to do exactly what he likes.His activity should bring for him not only benefit, but also moral pleasure. Are we free from this point of view? Probably not, because today's time does not give us the opportunity to choose the type of activity. We are forced to do what we will bring wealth. But material wealth does not provide us with a state of freedom.

Every day, when we come to work, we submit to our management, the work schedule of the institution or enterprise, its charter and rules. In its own way, man becomes a slave to the structure in which he works. Well, when there are the smallest human relations between the employer and the employee, when his work and efforts are evaluated according to merit. Otherwise, he becomes a little screwdriver of the system that oppresses him.

From here, the conclusion suggests itself that there is no wealth and the satiety of a person determines his freedom. A person must work creatively, he must plow his soul to give his skill to people and show talent. Then it will be possible to say about him that he is really free.

The concept of human freedom can be viewed from many angles and positions, but the main indicator of defining one’s freedom is the person himself, his thoughts and his attitude to life and the surrounding society.

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