What does the expression "bleached" mean?

Phraseological units enrich our speech. They appear in different ways. They come from literature, are connected with historical events and people, are folk art. But sometimes their etymology is quite simple and banal. As an example, we can cite the phraseology "bleached to eat." However, perhaps not everyone knows his interpretation. Therefore, in this article we consider the definition and etymology of this stable expression.

"Beleni has eaten up": the meaning of phraseology

To determine the expression, we turn to the dictionaries: the explanatory SI Ozhegov and the phraseological from the composers Roza TV and Stepanova M.I.

Sergei Ivanovich gives the following definition of the phraseology under consideration: "Whitened with whitens": "absolutely stupid". The author notes that the expression is original.

bleached cheesecake

Rosa T. V. leads readers such meaning: "to say something awkward, to do unreasonable deeds."

Stepanova MI explains the expression in the following way: "I completely fooled, stopped thinking". He notes that it is rude and prostitute.

Thus, the authors of these dictionaries give a similar meaning to the phraseology under consideration. He describes the state of insanity, unreasonable actions.

The meaning of phraseology is closely related to the plant that is mentioned in it. About this in more detail.

The origin of expression

The etymology of the phraseology "bleached over" (-sya) "is quite simple. Everyone knows that nothing good will come of using a poisonous plant. And this is exactly the expression.

"Belena is a poisonous weed plant," notes SI Ozhegov in the explanatory dictionary. She is from the family of nightshade, with purple-yellow flowers and a stupefying smell. It is used in medicine.

the whitewash phraseology

Rose T. V. informs readers in its phraseological dictionary that the plant is often found among the grasses of the middle and southern strip of Russia. Belen contains alkaloids and is very toxic in large doses. When ingested, these poisons cause intense excitement, hallucinations and disturb speech. In connection with such characteristics of the plant and its effects on humans, the expression under consideration appeared. About a man who does not control his speech, behavior, actions, say that he behaves as if he's full of whitens.


The expression "bleached belly (s)" can be foundmost often in fiction and in print media. When someone's behavior or statements make you think about whether a person has gone crazy, use this expression. It can be found in the headings and between the lines. Thus, writers and journalists are figurative, not harshly hinting that the person is not all right.

whitened by the importance of phraseology

However, not only do pen masters use thisexpression. In the speech of various political and sports figures, public figures, this phraseology is sometimes also applied. However, as well as other various steady turns, helping to express your opinion in a graphic and capacious manner.


For the consideration of the expression "whitened," we turned to three different dictionaries. They noted the importance of phraseology and its origin.

It is not known who first said such an expression. However, no doubt, the reason for such a statement is understandable. After all, bleached negatively affects a person's condition and violates his perception and actions. So they say about people whose actions look insane, that they have eaten up that same whitened.

An iconic expression is found in the speeches of public people, in the works of writers and journalists.

Given its negative connotation and rough meaning, apply it in special cases.

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