What does the red string on the hand mean?

Some modern celebrities do not shunsuch a simple ornament, like a red string on his hand. In fact, this is not an ornament, but a guard of followers of Kabbalah. The first of the celebrities began to wear Madonna. This popular singer for 15 years follows the Jewish esoteric current - the Kabbalah. According to tradition, the red string on the hand, which is tied by a close relative or lover, is the strongest guardian, saving from evil eye and envy. Madonna has admitted more than once that Kabbalah and her basic postulates helped her to achieve spiritual balance and self-confidence. They helped to prioritize the profession and personal life.

Perhaps not everyone who is adorned with a red thread forwrists, are followers of Kabbalah, but they truly believe in the magic of this object. Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears wear a red thread in the hope of protection from disease and misfortune. Russian stars also liked the red thread on her hand. It was donned by Ksenia Sobchak, Philip Kirkorov, Olga Buzova, Vera Brezhneva.

Binding the red thread mustloving and intimate person. This is part of this rite of Kabbalah. Self-tied thread will remain just a thread and will not save from negative energy. Choose for the ritual need a woolen thread, and tie freely. You can not buy a thread for a rite. It must be made by hand or donated. Another important part of the rite is the reading of the Jewish prayer to those who tie a red thread. It is generally believed that if the ceremony is performed correctly, the red thread on the left wrist will become a real talisman for luck and happiness.

To tie a string it is necessary on the left hand, sohow, according to Kabbalah, negative energy enters the person through the left side. Accordingly, the guard stops her. The strongest protecting force is the thread brought from Jerusalem. But the representatives of the doctrine trade with threads in other cities. This is what the red thread on the hand means, according to the Kabalistic teachings.

Outside the Kabbalistic doctrine of this talismanis also given a certain value. It is believed that the red thread not only protects a person, but also regulates his behavior, directing on the right path. With its help you can successfully develop, improve, achieve success. What is the meaning of the red thread on the hand outside of Kabbalah? She is given a different meaning. Someone thinks that the red thread improves blood supply in the place where it is tied. But modern medicine has refuted this theory.

In ancient times, the special role of such amuletsnot the thread itself, but the knot that it formed. At this site, the disease had to accumulate. After the ceremony, the thread was necessarily burned, along with it, the disease was also destroyed. Some sailors before long-range navigation bought bracelets from red thread, which brought the wind and good luck. Often, such a charm is on the wrists of babies. It is believed that this protects the child from skin diseases. Those who believe in the power of the red thread are not advised to wear it to women during menstruation, as it blocks the exit of the unclean energy along with the blood.

All that is written above, looks emptysuperstitions. But still there were cases that science can not explain. Real people were in a situation where medicine could not but something to heal, but even to reveal the cause of the ailment, and the red thread and several prayers led to a complete cure.

The red thread is found in a variety ofcultures. For example, it is tied at the exit from Hindu temples. It is not known for certain what this means. Presumably, it symbolizes protection. It does not matter whether the red thread has a magic layer or people themselves convince themselves of this. The main thing is that there is something, in what people still believe.

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