What dreams of pus?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 18, 2015
What dreams of pus?

Very often unpleasant dreams are harbingers of good events. Even if you have unpleasant feelings in a dream, this does not mean that the dream promises something bad. For example, why dream of pus, with which in life are associated only unpleasant associations? The main thing in deciphering a dream is to pay attention to the plot itself, and to the individual details of the dream, and to what emotions you experience in a dream.

  • See how the pus comes out of the wound - old grievances or quarrels will soon remind of themselves.
  • To see an ulcer that does not hurt on itself is a signal of your carelessness and ignoring problems.
  • See for yourself the abscess and experience pain - you can easily cope with all the troubles.
  • Seeing that you are squeezing pus in yourself - you will soon find a way out of some difficult situation.
  • See acne with pus - a warning about intrigue behind your back.
  • See purulent wound - you expect a large income.
  • See purulent wound and experience disgust - wait for unpleasant news.
  • To see that your body is covered with abscesses is a signal of health problems. It is possible that you are seriously ill.
  • Soil in pus - sleep promises improvement in the material side of life.
  • To see that pus is flowing from the eyes - you have missed something very important for you.
  • To see pus in your mouth is a signal that your rash words can seriously harm you. You need to keep track of what you are saying.
  • To see pus-stained hands or feet - in the near future you will find luck. It is possible that this will be good luck in financial matters.
  • Dirty pus clothes - a warning about the difficulties and problems of your loved ones.
  • To see a wound with pus on another person - they will soon turn to you for help.
  • See blood with pus - your financial situation will recover due to a happy coincidence.

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