What happened to Glucose: we deny the rumors

Around the stars of Russian show business always goesa lot of gossip and rumors. The popular singer Glukoza also did not become an exception. Yellow press and unscrupulous Internet publications regularly "bred" her with her husband, attributed various diseases and non-existent lovers. And after the appearance of information about the death of the singer, her numerous admirers began to persistently learn what happened to Glucose. In this article, we decided to refute the most ridiculous rumors about Natasha Chistyakova (in the girlhood of Ionova).What happened to glucose

What happened to Glucose

In August 2013, the Internet explodedthe news that Natalia Ionova was tragically dead. The admirers of her talent were horrified by such a message. Some fans believed the rumors, began to mourn the talented singer and charming girl. Others decided on the forums to find out what happened to Glucose. There were also those who immediately considered such a message a common duck.

The next day the situation cleared up. It turns out that unscrupulous media posted erroneous information. Natalia Ionova did not get into any car accident. She is alive and well.

Later the singer Glukoza commentedown death. According to Natasha, this is nothing more than the tricks of the representatives of the yellow press. They needed to attract the public with sensational material. But in the pursuit of the ratings, they heavily overstretched the stick. The singer is not going to sue the negligent journalists. But if such rumors again fall into the Internet space, then she will have to take measures to protect their rights.

People who asked on the forums the question "what happened to Glucose", the singer asked not to believe the information coming from unofficial and untested sources.What happened to the glucose singer

So will there be a divorce

Our heroine of today is young and crazyattractive girl. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has many male fans. They are very interested in the marital status of the singer. Practical every year there are rumors about the divorce of Natasha with her husband-businessman. What is it - the tricks of envious people or the next duck?

At the end of 2014, the singer's fans againwondered what had happened to Glucose. The fact is that the web has information about her divorce from Alexander Chistyakov. The reason for such a decision was allegedly the novel of Natalia with a young and wealthy man. Did the show business star cease to love her husband, the father of their two children? But this news was an ordinary duck. However, like all the previous ones.The singer of glucose commented on her own death

Information about the imminent replenishment of the Chistyakov family

In January 2015, fans began to congratulatefavorite singer with the third baby. And the reason for this was a photo taken in Bali. Natalia posed in a closed swimsuit next to the iguana. One of the admirers noticed the singer's rounded tummy. Hence, there were rumors about the upcoming replenishment of the Chistyakov family. No comments on this subject Glucose has not yet been given.

Does Natalia Ionova lose her hearing?

What are musicians and singers most afraid of? Correctly, to lose hearing. For several months now, on the Web, there is information that Glucose developed an acute otitis of the inner ear. Allegedly because of this the singer began to lose her hearing.

In an interview, Natasha mentioned that as a childshe suffered a severe cold, the consequence of which was the appearance of pain in the ears. To avoid unpleasant sensations, the singer tries not to catch cold and fly less on airplanes. But she has no problems with hearing.


We hope that we reassured those who wanted to know thathappened to Glucose. The singer is alive and very happy. She is engaged in the upbringing of daughters and the development of a singing career. And all ill-wishers and amateurs gossip Natalia advises not to interfere in her personal life.

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