What if I am expelled?

When a person goes to college, he getsmore freedom than at school: they do not run after him, do not give "kicks" for an unfulfilled job or debts, do not call parents for missing couples. Many students are just not ready for this freedom. As it turns out, they themselves do not know how to plan their time and learn "at will." And in fact, education after school is a personal initiative of a person.

What to do if you want to expel

So, you were summoned to the dean's office and threatened to be expelled. This means that not all is lost, the order is not signed, the student is not expelled. Now we need to mobilize and act.

We carry out the preparatory work very quickly(you need to try to do this for a break between pairs): go around all the teachers whose subjects you have debts. Be sure to ask each teacher to blame yourself for not being able to plan your time properly, say that you are to blame for everything, and already know how to correct the situation, tell us about specific actions. In extreme cases, tearfully complain about your difficult fate. Ask the teacher to find time for you so that you can correct the situation, say that you are ready for anything. Agree immediately on the time.

Now run to the dean's office and promise oath thathave time to fix all the debts. Be sure to tell which teachers you agreed on, paint in paint how they went to your meeting and fixed the time for correction. Pay attention to the dean that you got a lesson from this situation and learned how to plan your time.

One more plan: collect all kinds of information! For example, if you have been ill for a long time, a certificate from a doctor can play a role in deciding the dean. If you have other valid reasons why you missed classes or did not pass exams in time, then look for documents that confirm this. Even when someone dies from relatives during the last semester, it can affect the attitude of the administration of the university to you.

Many experienced students are advised to askacademic leave, when expelled from the university. To do this is not always easy ... In order to take an academic leave, you need a good reason. If you have a difficult financial situation in the family, make a certificate of income, provide it to the university. This will be an explanation of your failure - you had to work hard to support yourself and your family. Due to illness or pregnancy, they can also give academic leave. Think about your unique situation!

Contact the student union (trade union),if any. In many institutes the trade union committee has its own lawyer, who will defend the interests of the student, if he is a member of the trade union committee. Believe me, this is a very effective measure!

Well, finally, use heavy artillery - parents. Come with mom, dad, cry, apologize, even though you fall in your legs. Before the family, the dean can take pity and give one more chance.

Dismissed from the institute - what to do next?

When time is lost, the expulsion order has been issued, and you still want to return to the university, proceed to the following:

  • Recovery (except for 1 course). In this case, you need to write an application addressed to the rector, which indicates the circumstances by which you skipped classes. It is good, if you have available on hand certificates confirming these circumstances.
  • Also, the student has the right to apply againthe name of the rector for re-training, if he did not complete the curriculum in full for a good reason. What is good reason? Diseases, pregnancy, family circumstances, working trips or educational trips from the university. But such a right for a student is only 2 times during the entire study period.

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