What if I forgot my mail?

In the modern world of computer technology alreadythere are practically no such people who do not have a personal e-mail box. Moreover, many people have several such electronic boxes (e-mail), which they use for work and personal purposes. There are many different services for creating mail, moreover, you can create an unlimited number of mailboxes.

Sometimes it happens (especially if a person is registered on many different servers) that the mail login is forgotten.

Login is your name or nickname, combinationcharacters, letters or numbers that you entered when registering on a particular service. If you forget one of the login or password lines, you will not have access to the mail. Let's figure out how to restore your login and access to the e-mail box.

Restoring mail

  1. In the process of registering a mailbox on that oranother resource (yandex.ru, Google, mail.ru, etc.) is requested an additional mail address for security reasons. With its help in the future, you can restore lost data, whether it's login or password. After making a request for restoration, you will receive a letter with the data that interests you. You just have to go to the mail site (from which the login is forgotten), click on the "Restore" button, then - "Forgot login or password" or "Help" and request a letter with your data, simply following the instructions. In this case, the service can act in two ways:
    • Send you a forgotten login and password to another email address;
    • send an email with a link to restore the password (the login will remain the same and will be indicated in the email).
  2. You can also ask your relatives and friends with whom you communicated by mail so that they remind you of it (for example, they dictated by phone).
  3. Also there is an opportunity on some serversrestore access using your mobile phone. To do this, after pressing the help or recovery button, enter your mobile phone in the requested line and you will be sent your data in the message.

To protect against intruders andunauthorized access to your mailbox, the administration of most services sends a verification code to your cell phone number to access the resource. But for this you need to have a phone number, previously attached (and past acknowledged) to the mailbox. Perhaps in some cases you will have to specify it.

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