What is a Business Case?

What is a Business Case?

  • In addition to what has been said by other authors.

    To properly understand the meaning of the phrase "business case", you need to consider where it came from and what words it consists of. So, if the word "business" is sufficiently clear, then the word "case"; - it's not a suitcase, it's a case. And the origin of this expression is due to the method of training, which was first applied, like, at Harvard University, and it was called "method of cases". What does it mean? The fact is that when the students were trained in some disciplines for which there were no appropriate textbooks, it was decided to make methodological aids based on interviews taken from real enterprise managers. These are the recorded situations and were called quot; quot; quot ;.

  • Business case is a way of training in business trainings.

    The trainer gives real situations at the negotiations, when implementing the business plan and other tasks that really arose in the daily life of a businessman, and the students solve them as they think is right.

    This is not a textbook, it's a real life.

    Based on the results of the students' reaction, the trainer analyzes their approaches and helps to find an error and disassemble, if any.

  • Business case - a description of a specific situation that has developed in the life of the company. As a rule, this situation is a problem, you need to find a solution.

    The purpose of the case-method is to train students to find solutions in this situation. And, as a rule, the method of finding a solution is not given. And the tutor is not allowed to prompt, lecture, etc. At least so in the Business School of the Open University of Great Britain, where I worked once.

    Cases are also given when hiring to understand whether the applicant is able to think, find solutions, what solutions he is able to find.

    Here is an example of such a case


    Two monks went from one monastery to another. On the way, they were to wade a stormy river. When they approached the ford, a girl asked them to help her cross. One of the monks silently raised the girl in his arms and carried him to the other side of the river, the second reacted disapprovingly to such an act. Having crossed the river, they walked their way.

    About two hours later the second monk, turning to his companion, said:

    You did the wrong thing after all. The Scriptures forbid us to touch women, let alone take them in their arms. You should not have done this.

    The second monk replied: ..................

    ------------------ How would you respond? -------------------

  • Business case is an example of a person's success after training in such and such a company.

    Often such a word is used during trainings of all kinds. And also with sales of 2V - that is, business for business.

  • The term often used in business training. In simple words, the educational situation, which is not the fruit of the imagination of a business coach or teacher, but is taken from the activities of a real company. It is used to assess the behavior of a student or learner (ability to work in a team, publicly speak, analyze the situation and make decisions), in a situation as close to reality as possible.

  • Business case is a kind of method for teaching business. This method is based on the fact that it is better to teach practical material, rather than theoretical. That is, they take and consider the real situations that once occurred in business. They give the students the opportunity to decide how they would act in this situation, and then explain whether it is right or not and what is the mistake.

    After all, theory from practice is very different. For example, here on BV. It is possible in Yandex.Wordstat to look at what topics are the most popular requests and draw up a question on this topic. However, he can shoot, but most likely this will not happen, since there are many interested people on this topic, and the first page of the search engine is not rubber.

    It turns out that:

    1 Theoretical Learning: Open wordstat and find popular queries. Create a question on these topics and it will be popular.

    2 Practice: This basically does not work. The maximum will come from most of these issues only a few stars.

    It turns out that the theory is at variance with practice. In practice, everything is not so rosy, and the theory can be told not by a businessman, but by a teacher who is not particularly familiar with the business.

    To do this, they came up with a business case, that is, to teach how to really succeed, and not just a theorist based on general (not in-depth) knowledge about business.

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