What is a communicator?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
July 19, 2012
What is a communicator?

The modern market offers many models of communicators and smartphones. They differ in technical capabilities, design and, of course, price. Often when choosing a new communication gadget, we are faced with the question of what to buy: a smartphone or a communicator? Naturally, to answer it, you must clearly understand the difference between these two devices.


Let's start with the definition of what a communicator is and what possibilities it offers to the user.

Communicator is called a PDA, additionally equipped with an integrated GPRS module. By and large, this device is a portable computer that allows you to make calls. Although calls to the communicator - a secondary function. Modern communicators have, as a rule, a larger screen than a smartphone. Entering characters and controlling the device often takes place using a stylus. If we talk about operating systems, communicators use the same software as the PDA.


As for the smartphone, a device of this type can be positioned as a phone with a computer function. Externally, these gadgets are similar to mobile phones. However, due to the presence of the operating system, it is possible to use various programs and perform several operations at the same time. A regular phone cannot boast of such a thing due to a small functional resource.

Most often, smartphones use operating systems specially designed for this purpose: Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and some others. Modern smartphones are often equipped with a GPS-subman, a camera, wi-fi. In addition, they give users enhanced multimedia features.


Continuing the theme of what distinguishes a smartphone from a communicator, we need to say about the processor power of the latter. So, smartphones, as a rule, are equipped with a weaker processor and have less RAM than communicators. This is reflected in the speed of work. It is logical to assume that the latter is higher.

Nevertheless, the development of technology in recent years has led to the appearance of smartphone models on the market, which are practically not inferior, from a technical point of view, to communicators. As an example, Samsung Galaxy SII, equipped with a dual-core processor.

Summarizing the question of what a smartphone and a communicator, we can say the following. A smartphone is a phone that has PDA capabilities, while a communicator can be called a PDA with a phone function.

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