What is a couple?

January 28, 2015
What is a couple?

In Russian, the word “pair” has several meanings explained in explanatory dictionaries.First, these are two objects, identical or homogeneous, connected in a set or whole.For example: a pair of boots, a pair of oars, a pair of linen.Secondly, this concept was used to denote the men's two-piece suit (trousers and jacket).For example, "He cameto a concert in a new pair. "

One of the most commonly used meanings of the word “pair” is two people, as a whole, as the most suitable beings. For example, "They are a good pair." What is a couple? A man and a woman who fit together like spouses. Or one more thing - a person who suits another as a spouse: “For him, he is a good couple.”

  • Another value is two horses harnessed together in a cart or carriage. And also the vehicle itself, along with these horses. For example: "A pair of bay horses harnessed to Fate."
  • In a conversational context, talking about a pair, as two things of something. “Give me a couple of carrots,” for example. As a rule, such an expression can be heard in the markets or in small retail outlets.
  • What is a couple in the context of the learning process? Poor, unsatisfactory - one of the lowest grades received by the student. For example: "Again you grabbed the pair yesterday." This expression also carries signs of a spoken language.

And also Para is a city and region in Brazil. And the types of coins in Turkey, Yugoslavia and the Crimean Khanate. And in ancient Russia, “steam” - evaporation, steam: “With your warm couple”.

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