What is a cycle?

One of the properties of life is cyclicality. It manifests itself in many phenomena of human existence on Earth. The cycle is something that began where it ends and begins again.

What is life cycle

In biology

The life cycle in biology is defined as a sequence of stages or phases of development, after passing which a living organism becomes mature enough to give rise to a new generation. At this point, the life cycle of a living being closes and the next one begins.

In numerology

The life cycle in numerology is called one of three segments of a person’s life, each of which has its own vibration, shows its possessor its capabilities during this period of life, and helps to achieve the desired. Each person must individually analyze the life cycles, based on the numbers of his date and time of birth.

In marketing

The life cycle of a product in marketing is a period of time, from the appearance of a product on the market to its exit from there. During this period, the goods go through five stages of their life cycle (the stage of product development, market introduction, sales growth, saturation, decline in sales and exit from the market).

In management

The life cycle of an organization is defined in management psychology as a set of stages in the development of a company, which it passes from its inception to closure. There are five stages of the life cycle of the organization:

  1. stage of entrepreneurship (the formation of the company, its goals);
  2. the stage of collectivity (the formation of the mission of the company);
  3. stage of formalization and management (stabilization of the structure of the company, the emergence of rules, procedures, roles);
  4. the stage of structure development (expansion of the market of services, increase in the volume of output);
  5. stage of decline (the demand for a product or service falls, the search for new opportunities to expand the market).

What is the menstruation cycle

The menstrual cycle in women of reproductive age is called the length of time from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation. These are certain changes in the female body concerning the function of conception. Let's see what phase of the cycle. The following changes occur in the ovaries (phases):

  1. follicular;
  2. ovulatory;
  3. luteal.

At the same time, the corresponding phases are distinguished in the endometrium:

  1. menstrual;
  2. proliferative;
  3. secretory

During the first phase, the dominant follicle (the first day of menstruation) ripens, its duration is approximately 14 days, but the length of time can vary from 7 to 22 days. During the second phase (approximately 3 days), there is an ejection, rupture of the follicle and the release of an egg cell ready for fertilization. During the third phase, the modified follicle accumulates luteal pigment and lipids. Now it is called the yellow body. The uterus prepares to attach a fertilized egg, the corpus luteum produces progesterone to form the placenta. If the pregnancy does not occur, the corpus luteum ceases to function.

What is a cycle in computer science?

A cycle in computer science refers to any sequence of commands that will be repeated many times, repeating all its steps a specified number of times or until a condition is in effect. So, in the latter case, the cycle has the form:

while <condition> repeat:

  1. <тело цикла>
  2. end of cycle.

For example, while <less than midnight>:

  1. <смотрю телевизор>
  2. end of cycle.

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