What is a display?

A display is a device that displays signals in a video image or converts information that is entered into a computer or any other digital analog device. In this article we will learn more about what a display is and who invented it. It is known to us as a monitor that shows information to the user. We can say that the display is a key link in the chain of operation of the device. Liquid crystals were invented a long time ago by an Austrian scientist, and in the second half of the twentieth century all their properties were studied, which allowed the first liquid-crystal screen to be invented. Liquid crystals are what the display consists of. The crystals are between the glass plates, under which there are sources of light that passes through these crystals. The display itself is not so harmful to the human eye and more convenient to use. Therefore, displays are now replacing the old counterparts of such devices. Modern displays are different, which differ in some of their functions and properties.

Display Types

Retina display

One of the most recent types of display is the retina display. What is this innovation? Lovers of expensive phone brands, namely the new Apple iPhone 4, will encounter such a display. The creators claim that the retina of the human eye is capable of processing an image with a resolution of 300 dots at a distance of 30 centimeters at the maximum. Other experts say that the eye can also effectively perceive an image with a higher resolution. The difference of this type of display is in high resolution with a small pixel size. Retina is IPS-compliant and has excellent viewing angles.

IPS display

IPS monitors were the first to help solve some of the existing problems of quality and on-screen viewing. They ideally provide the color rendition of a particular image. Let's find out their features that will help us understand what an IPS display is. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the crystals in the cells of the panel are located in the same plane and are always parallel to the panel itself. This creates the perfect visualization of images on the monitor.

Tft display

Very widely used in the manufacture of displays is the tft display system.Not everyone understands what a tft display is and how it differs from others. This is a liquid crystal display that is based on an active matrix thin film transistor. The technology here is very high, because for every pixel there are three transistors responsible for different colors. The tft display has a lot of advantages - it is a high-quality viewing angle, and a short response time, and excellent contrast. But on the other hand, this type consumes much more energy, more often it can fail, because if at least one transistor is damaged, dots or spots appear on the screen. But in general, such a display is very popular among manufactured devices.

Qhd display

It is also worth noting qhd display that it is also often used screen in various phone models. This variety is also different type of matrix. The developers claim that this display is designed taking into account all the features of a person’s view, or rather his organs, which made it possible to select the most optimal version of visualization of pictures. In this technology, unlike tft, there are no pixels that consist of three parts that are responsible for color.Here each pixel can serve as a collection of several color dots. This type has caused mixed reactions from users.

In general, technologies are constantly evolving, for displays continue to look for options to further improve their structure and functions, and perhaps soon invent even more amazing models that will pleasantly surprise us.

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