What is a ladder?

January 13, 2015
What is a ladder?

Everyone knows well at least one meaning of the word "ladder". However, in addition to the core, it has additional, less well-known meanings. That trap in different values, we will describe in this article.

Meaning of the word "ladder"

So, the first and most common meaning of the word "ladder" is a ladder, on which they climb aboard a ship or plane. On the ships, ladders are called and all other ladders. In the meaning of “ladder” the word “ladder” can be used without communication with aviation or navigation. There are, for example, construction ladders, gymnastic and even circus.

There is a word "ladder" and another meaning, much less known. A ladder can be called a special hole for the outflow of water, made right in the floor. Of course, such a ladder is not just a hole, but a special device with a grate and a siphon. Through this device water is removed from the room to the sewer. Ladders can be found, for example, in baths and other places where water is often on the floor. The ladder can be equipped even in the most ordinary bathroom, if the owners take care of it during the repair.

In addition to the above definitions recorded in dictionaries, the word "ladder" has another meaning, slang. In the speech of gamers, "ladder" can mean a trap, a trap on the game map. In this sense, “trap” is a direct transliteration of the English “trap” - “trap”.

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