What is a libretto?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 27, 2015
What is a libretto?

The basis for the artwork is the script. Be it a movie, a theater, a musical or a dance production, they all deal with the lyrics that the actors perform. But not only performers need lyrics. Also to help the viewer create specific plans for performance and content. In the musical field they are called libretto. Consider in the article what the libretto is.

The word "libretto" came to us from the Italian language and literally means "little book." What is it for? As you can see, vocal parts do not always sound in the text of a work of art. And then they have to be processed, most often in a poetic form, in order to put it on music. Such texts are easier performed by vocalists and perceived by listeners.

Thus, the libretto is the literary basis of a large musical work (opera, operetta, ballet) or its script. Therefore, often written libretto can be a completely independent work, despite the use of ready-made artistic material.Previously, the libretto was released in the form of booklets, and therefore the literal translation of the word seemed to materialize. And yet the libretto is a multi-valued word.

Among the meanings that this word can assume are also talking about the script and plot scheme of the motion picture in cinema. But in addition, it is also a summary of the content of a musical work presented in the form of a book.

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