What is a movie?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
May 20, 2015
What is a movie?

Having heard the word “roller” or “rollers”, each of us presents his own image: a small video film, a small wheel or a special device. Consider what a movie in each of the values.


In everyday life, we use the word "roller" to denote a small metal or plastic wheel on furniture. It is mainly used to move furniture quickly and easily. For example, a sofa on rollers or a chair on rollers.

Also, the roller can be represented as a small block in the form of a wheel with a groove, which can be used as an integral part of machine parts and devices.

In electrics, a roller can be called a small porcelain insulator to fasten electrical wires to it.

Also, a roll is sometimes called a “roller” if it is a small bundle of something, for example, a roller of paper or film.

In colloquial speech, the word "roller" occurs; it can be used instead of the word "roll", that is, a rotating shaft or cylinder.

Recently, the word "movie" has another meaning - a short video. Movies can advertise various products (commercials that you see on TV every day), and they can also be excerpts from feature films. If you want to know how to download videos, read the article How to download a video. You can make a movie yourself by recording video on a camera or a camera.

Roller Skates

Rollers are briefly called roller skates. These are special shoes with small wheels attached to the plate on the sole. Such shoes can be used as sports equipment for outdoor activities. The roller can ride both adults and children of any age. By the way, learning to roller skate is much easier than skating. The first commercials appeared in the 18th century, but then, of course, they were very different from the modern ones.

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