What is a range?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 25, 2015
What is a range?

How often a certain word a person uses only in one, close and familiar meaning, although the word has many semantic shades. So the word "range" is so many-valued that they use it in speech practice in a variety of situations. So what is a range, what does it mean and when is it used?

Translated from the Greek, "idia pason chordon", the range is "through all the strings."

Meaning of the word "range"

  • The volume of the sound is either the voice of a person or a musical instrument. This volume is determined by the difference between the lowest and highest sound. For example: "The range of his voice simply delighted and amazed the audience."
  • In a figurative sense, it is generally the volume of something, the territory of distribution of something. For example: "The range of her interests and hobbies was very wide."
  • The synonym for the word range is the word tuning fork, denoting a tool for determining the correct note when choir singing or when tuning the instrument.For example: "With the help of a range (tuning fork) the master quickly realized what a piano is wrong with.

The word "range" has many synonyms. Here are some of them: coverage, scale, level, breadth, size, scope. Each of these synonyms has its own field of use, from scientific to conversational. But one thing unites these words - they denote a certain interval, the difference between the indicators, the magnitudes of something. And this is the range.

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