What is a sling?

Tamara Kovalenko
Tamara Kovalenko
March 28, 2013
What is a sling?

Walk with a small child and go shopping, it is not always convenient with a stroller. In such cases, you can use backpacks - kengurushki or baby sling.

Baby sling

What is a sling? Sling came from the English sling - sling, holder. This fabric device for carrying the child on himself. It is more convenient than a kengurushki backpack, since it has wide straps, the load is distributed on the back, shoulder, side, thigh, depending on how the sling is worn. You can move the sling to the other shoulder. It is also important that hands with a sling are free, for example, you can go to the store, buy something and carry things yourself.

From the sling it is convenient to take out the sleeping child. You can do business on the farm, putting the child in the sling. If the child does not want to fall asleep in bed, then the baby sling can be a comfortable and cozy crib.

Types of slings

There are several types of slings, each of which has its own peculiarity - style, style, fastenings, ligation option.

  • Sling-scarf. Fabric or knitted cloth, 40-70cm wide and 2.2-6m long.Sling-scarf is made of natural fabrics, which can stretch a little diagonally. It does not stretch in length and width, allowing you to evenly distribute the load on the shoulders and back. This sling can be used for long walks. For the frosty winter and autumn winds, the sling is applied dense, not blown, and for the warm spring and summer - light, transparent. Knitted baby sling scarf soft, for children up to 10 kg.
  • Sling on the rings - a rectangle of fabric (satin, corduroy, slim jeans-stretch), 50-80cm wide, 1.5-3.5 m long. At one end of the canvas, 2 rings are inserted, and the other end is pulled into these rings; it turns out a pocket in which the child lies on his hands. However, in such slings, the load is only on one shoulder, so periodically it is necessary to rearrange the rings. This sling is designed for children up to 3 years old, you can feed the baby in it.
  • A May-sling is a rectangular or square piece of fabric measuring 35x45cm in size with sewn shoulder straps more than 2 meters long, which cross behind the back of the parent, and are tied at the bottom like a belt. May-sling is made of soft tissue that does not stretch, the child can be worn from 1 month with divorced legs.The headrest for the child is included in the kit for this sling.

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