What is a tattoo?

Anna Kazakova
Anna Kazakova
March 19, 2013
What is a tattoo?

Remember how in Hollywood films often happens: the heroine wakes up in the morning, and she already has a great makeup on her face. Who from beautiful ladies did not dream about similar? Especially for those who always want to look perfect, but do not want to spend a lot of time on transformation, have come up with such a thing as permanent makeup. In another way it is also called tattooing. You do not know what a tattoo is - it does not matter, we will tell you everything now.

Tattoo: what is it

Tattooing is a cosmetic procedure in which a paint is inserted into the upper layers of the skin with a special needle. As the name implies, the technology is similar to a tattoo. Only usually tattooing is done with a very short needle and does not enter so deeply under the skin. Therefore, permanent makeup is usually done not permanently, like a simple tattoo, but for 2-3 years. At the same time, it is regularly necessary to update it - about a couple of times a year - in order for the pigment not to fade.

What parts of the body do tattoo

Usually permanent makeup is applied to the face. So ladies do not have to start every morning with pencils, shadows and contours.And this, I tell you, what is the beauty! Eyebrow tattoo, for example, relieves its owners from constantly painting on the eyebrow line with a pencil. In addition, the tattoo does not flow in the rain, during the heat and leaves no residue on clothing. The tattoo on the lips makes them more visually seductive. A permanent makeup of the upper eyelid gives the eyes depth, emphasizes their color and expressiveness.

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