What is a team?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
March 30, 2015
What is a team?

A person is a biosocial being, therefore, inevitably, during his life, he works and lives in a team.

We will tell you what a team is and what the rules of functioning in it are.

What does the term "team" mean

A team is a group of people who work or study together. There are sports, labor, military, training and many other types of teams. A feature of all types of teams is that their members are united by a common goal, which they can only achieve together. In addition, the team formed a special relationship, microclimate. Another feature of groups is that it manifests a number of social and psychological patterns that distinguish it from groups with a lower level of development.

Any kind of team has a number of attributes:

  • presence of a leader (formal or informal);
  • intra-collective norms and rules that are formed in it over time;
  • mutual aid;
  • interchangeability of group members with each other or with new members;
  • the presence of discipline and many other signs.

Thus, you can use the term "team" in situations involving your work or study group, as well as amateur groups.

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