What is a webcam?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
January 30, 2013
What is a webcam?

Today, the rapid development of technology. One after another, new and new devices appear. Everyone knows what a webcam is, but let's take a closer look at this subject of technology. A webcam is a technical device that captures images in real time. The bulk of these devices have the functions of video cameras and digital cameras.

Most webcams find space in laptops or computers. In most cases, these devices work with special applications.


What is a webcam for? The “home” version of the device is designed so that an image can be broadcast to the network and to capture some moments. To date, there are already more complex devices that are endowed with motion sensors. Such models are used in security systems, in supermarkets.

If a person needs to transmit video in real time, then for such communication use webcams. If you need to monitor an object, then a webcam also comes to the rescue.It was first used in 1991. It gives you the opportunity, at a time when it is necessary, to explore the desired area of ​​the area. This uses remote access to the device.

Network webcam is the most interesting type of device, it functions as a separate web server.

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