What is advertising. Types of advertising

What is advertising is likely to represent all. However, it must be said that this concept is much broader and more multifaceted than we can imagine. It is worth telling in more detail about what a term can be formulated as follows: this is the name of any information that is disseminated in order to attract and maintain interest in the advertised object.what is advertising

A bit of history

It is impossible to say exactly when advertising first appeared. Most likely, this happened simultaneously with the advent of trade and crafts. It is only known that in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, advertising was already quite commonplace.

Heralds of Hellas were officially included in the list of professions that existed at that time. Their duties included notifying people about certain events and events. In addition, heralds shouted various promotional messages. At the same time, the success of these shouts depended on the volume, timbre of the voice, the speed of declaration, as well as on the appearance of the herald and the items that helped him in advertising.

With the widespread development of writing, written advertisements began to appear.During archaeological excavations in ancient Rome and Egypt, a large number of wall inscriptions, clay tablets and other advertising materials were found that informed the population about various goods or services.

One of the varieties of advertising can be considered branded stamps that artisans put on their products. These marks were both a sign of product recognition and a guarantee of its quality.

After the invention of printing advertisements began to gradually acquire the form to which we are all used to today.

teaser advertising what is it

Advertising methods

  • Creative. Aimed at attracting the attention of consumers with an unusual presentation of information.
  • Offline advertising. All traditional methods can be attributed to it, except for advertising on the Internet.
  • Viral marketing is one of the varieties of advertising on the Internet. Based on the idea that an idea, quickly picked up by a large number of people, will begin to generate income.


Reflecting on what is advertising, each represents its own. The varieties of campaigns in our day a great many. The most common types of advertising include the following:

  • outdoor;
  • in print media;
  • on TV;
  • on the radio.what is social advertising

Teaser advertising

Some of you may already be familiar with this concept. Teaser ads - what is it? For those who are not familiar with this term, it will be useful to give its definition. It’s worth starting with the fact that the very concept of “teaser advertising” comes from the English word “puzzle” or “teaser”. This marketing ploy is based on the fact that consumers' attention is attracted with the help of a phrase. As a rule, the content of a combination of words is ambiguous and intriguing. The denouement may be submitted during the entire advertising campaign, and may not follow. In this case, the string continues to intrigue consumers and draw attention to a particular product.

Some experts recognize as a teaser advertisement any informational messages that do not directly show the product.

Speaking about what a teaser advertisement is, what it is, besides the definition, it’s worth telling about the scheme of action. It includes two stages:

  • Exit teaser - an intriguing phrase or image aimed at attracting the attention of consumers.
  • Output clarification - the rationale and demonstration of the teaser connection with the advertised product or service.what is outdoor advertising

By duration, teaser advertising campaigns are divided into two types:

  • weekly
  • single-step.

The peculiarity of the first type is that the explanation comes out in 1-2 weeks after the teaser appears. This creates a fairly strong intrigue among consumers, who are no longer eager to find out what lies behind these strange phrases and pictures. As a rule, the appearance of decoding to the teaser causes quite a strong stir due to the effect of surprise.

The second type of teaser advertising is characterized by the fact that the gap between the initial teaser and the explanation is very small. It can also be a chain of teasers leading to a junction.

Social advertisement

It is equally important to know what social advertising is. We all notice the imperfection of our social status, insufficient attention to pensioners, the disabled, the sick and the poor. Many seemingly incurably sick people have a chance for recovery, you only need to show a little attention to them, to support them morally and financially.People who feel support and faith in their own strength can do anything.

what is advertising definition

The same can be said about people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. In the absence of influence on their consciousness of intoxicating substances, these are quite adequate and good people. And very often such dependencies are the result of a low standard of living and the absence of any aspirations and prospects.

In order to attract public attention to some social problems, there is a social advertising. The purpose of such a campaign is to promote positive aspects, such as collecting donations for the sick or the poor, calling for abandonment of narcotic substances, and reminders of the need for everyday manifestations of kindness.

Outdoor advertising

For a successful business, entrepreneurs should know what outdoor advertising is. The most common type of it are all kinds of signs. This view can be called a classic. There are several classifications of outdoor advertising:

  • depending on the location of the objects;
  • by the size of the objects;
  • by type of advertising media.

It must be said that the latest version of the classification is the largest, because the methods of advertising, as well as the materials through which they are implemented, are today a great many.

what is advertising types of advertising

Street advertising

Probably every adult and even a child will be able to answer the question of what is advertising. After all, every day we see it on the streets in the form of signs, shields, stretch marks, signs, pillars, sticky applications. Advertising is widespread on fences, in cars, taxis, subways.


If an entrepreneur wants to succeed, he must understand what banner advertising is. This type is quite an effective tool for creating the image of the advertised product or service. Influencing directly on the target audience, banner advertising also attracts random visitors to sites.

This kind of campaign is especially prevalent on the net. What is online advertising, probably everyone knows today. Almost every site now has banners with ads of various directions. A special feature of this type is the obligatory content in the composition of the hyperlink, which automatically redirects the visitor to the advertiser site, just click on the image.This trick underlies all banner advertisements on the Internet.

what is banner advertising

It must be said that, to date, such a campaign is mostly aimed at attracting attention to a particular resource. That is what can be called its main purpose. The times of aggressive advertising have long passed when it was necessary to redirect the user to the advertiser's site at any cost. If the banner is placed well and on the site that is quite popular, then it works and attracts attention much better than other types of advertising.

In addition to the image, banners can contain elements of animation, as well as various audio and video.

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