What is an injector?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
April 10, 2013
What is an injector?

Almost all new cars now have an injector in themselves. Thanks to him, the car is not so “puffing”, there are no dips in motion, less fuel consumption and the car goes very smoothly. That's all, probably, what inexperienced and inexperienced people can say about the question: what is an injector?

We will understand first of all with the fact that we will answer this question. And the answer is quite simple, because the injector is a special system of electronic fuel injection in the car, which is a jet pump (in the form of a nozzle). And this nozzle mixes, squeezes and pumps a mixture of air and fuel. Based on what the injector is intended for, let us single out its main structural parts, these are:

  • Working nozzle from which already enriched mix leaves.
  • Reception chamber.
  • Mixing chamber
  • Diffuser.

Having dealt with the main constructive parts of the injector, we proceed to the next question: what does the injector do, how does it work?

The principle of the automotive injector

So, as an injector, it is an electronic system, it means, except for the actuator itself (nozzles), the car will be stuffed with special sensors to bring everything into one streamlined mechanism for supplying fuel to the engine.

And the working cycle of the injector is:

  • Gasoline from the tank of the car through special channels, under pressure, about 4 - 5 atmospheres, is fed to the engine using a special electric pump.
  • Next, the fuel comes to the regulator, which is responsible for regulating, maintaining and maintaining the pressure of the fuel in the system.
  • Already after this regulator, the fuel goes to the injectors. The amount of fuel supplied is governed by the duration of the opening of the nozzle itself - everything is simple.

The process is quite simple, as well as carburetor fuel injection into the engine, but to calculate the correct proportion, the amount of fuel in the injection system is a special processor that processes the signal from a large number of sensors, such as: air temperature sensor, engine speed, throttle valve , air content sensor. After that, the processor emits a pulse, due to which the necessary portion of fuel is given out, it is injected into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with air and ignites.

Now you know what the injector is for and how it works. Good luck in choosing a car!

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