What is an antivirus?

January 12, 2015
What is an antivirus?

Antivirus is a computer program that protects your device from unwanted programs, infected files and various malicious viruses.

To understand what an antivirus is, it is necessary to determine the scope of its work and the principles of action.

Antivirus tasks

The main tasks that are set for anti-virus software are:

  • an obstacle to the penetration of infected information into the computer system;
  • minimizing the effects of viruses;
  • detection of the source of the virus;
  • delete and neutralize malicious files.

The anti-virus database is the basis where virus signatures are stored. This database needs to be updated periodically to keep the anti-virus up to date.

Types of antiviruses

Depending on the operating conditions, antiviruses are:

  • Constant action is a means of scanning various data streams on the Internet, mail filters, etc .;
  • periodic actions are tools that work on request and are designed to scan a single-time working system.

The set of antiviruses with one core is an antivirus complex. It is effective for working with infected files, and is also effective in preventing them from entering the computer system.

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