What is an armature?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 27, 2015
What is an armature?

The word armature is often used in construction and repair. It must be that every professional working in this field understands perfectly well what a valve is. However, any person, no matter what specialty, may need to know the meaning of this term. It is also used in audio equipment, in the military and piping industry, in art history and electrical engineering.

Reinforcement concept

Armature is a set of auxiliary parts and devices (valves, valves, etc.) that are not part of the main equipment and serve to ensure the normal operation of any machine, structure or device.

In the special meaning of the construction sphere, reinforcement is a framework consisting of steel rods that are interconnected and together constitute a reinforced concrete structure. In reinforced concrete structures without steel reinforcement is indispensable, since it strengthens the concrete in the compressed zone. The strength of the future structure depends on the strength of adhesion of the reinforcement to the concrete. The reinforcement can be in the form of welded mesh.To learn how to properly knit reinforcement, you can learn from the articles:

"And from time immemorial, there stood a monument to the dead - a statue of a soldier with a broken arm, in which he probably once held a machine gun - fittings stuck out of the stump". (M. Shishkin. Venerin hair).

In fine art, military fittings are called trophies and weapons, as well as a decorative composition consisting of weapons and military equipment (bas-relief, mosaic or monumental painting).

In electrical engineering, this term refers to a set of products made for electric lighting.

In audio, the word “armature” is used to describe some types of headphones.

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