What is b2b and b2c?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 8, 2013
What is b2b and b2c?

The concepts of b2b and b2c were introduced in Europe and the USA by marketers as early as the middle of the last century. They came to our country because of the iron curtain in the late 90s of the last century, but they are still known only in narrow circles in the provinces and in a bit wider in the capital. But, I dare to assure you that everyone who sells must know what b2b is, and what b2c is.

So, b2b is a type of sales that are aimed at business representatives, that is, what is used in the work of various firms is sold and bought. For example, a firm selling stationery only to other firms at the conclusion of a contract (supply contract). Such a firm will not open a store, rent a room for it, buy counters, hire sellers. She simply hires sales managers and produces beautiful catalogs. Managers are walking around the city, looking for customers, calling various companies, sending electronic offers. It is safe to say that the company sells b2b.

It is very useful for new entrepreneurs to know what b2b sales are.They will provide an easier start, because you can save on the office and vendors. In addition, you can apply a creative idea in “inventing” your business. Some firms do not work on the sale to other firms of any goods, but on the search for some firms as clients to other firms. For example, a magazine is being created, where businessmen talk about themselves and their business, about goods, services. A publishing company distributes the entire print run of such a publication, where sometimes up to 200-300 pages (and on each one by one firm) other companies are given the opportunity to tell about themselves completely free of charge. As a result, those firms that have received a miracle catalog can search for partners for cooperation in this edition. It is useful for all, and it is also profitable for the publisher!

What is b2c selling? UhThis is a sales scheme in which the company cooperates directly with the consumers of the goods, excluding any intermediaries. As a rule, it is online stores that are engaged in retail trade. Of course, marketers of such companies need to know what b2b and b2c are, because schemes often transform one into the other or are used by the firm both in parallel.

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