What is chinook?

February 2, 2015
What is chinook?

This fish of the salmon family is quite common, capable of living in both fresh and salt water. In the Pacific Ocean, chinooks reach sizes up to one and a half meters. She wants to catch every serious fisherman. In the ocean, it grows up to a meter. The largest recorded - over 60 kilograms.

Answering the question of what a chinook is, the Japanese will call her "the prince of salmon", and the American - "royal salmon".

  • In Asia, chinooks can live in rivers, for example, in the Amur. Its populations are also observed in Canada and California.
  • On the appearance of Chinook: it resembles the rest of salmon (small black specks cover the back), has a silvery belly and the same sides. The head is rather large, the body is of a torpedo shape.
  • In spawning, this strong fish enters the river, moves along them, passing great distances. Spawns throughout the summer.
  • Nutritional preferences include plankton, small crustaceans, fish, and squids.
  • The taste of chinook is highly rated, and in some countries it is a commercial fish.Chinook salmon caviar is the largest of all the varieties of red, bright scarlet color and has no bitter taste, for which it is highly valued by gourmets.

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