What is concealer?

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What is concealer?

In the arsenal of the true lady there will definitely be a couple of almost magical cosmetics that allow in a few seconds to hide the minor imperfections of the skin, give it a flowering look, youth. One of such products is concealer - a point application product for toning, masking skin imperfections.

What is concealer for?

Stress, poorly balanced diet, poorly chosen cosmetics, hormonal surges, uncomfortable climatic conditions, dust hovering in the air - all this can cause acne, redness, allergic rash, bruises under the eyes and so on. It is not so easy to get rid of such skin problems, and therefore some kind of remedy is needed that could hide the “shortcomings”.

In this situation, at least once in life, every woman has been, and therefore, every woman in the fair sex should know what a concealer is.

This product is designed for spot application in the area of ​​the face where adjustments are required.Moreover, unlike the corrector, which is of different tones (green, yellow, blue, pink, etc.), the concealer is always beige. On the other hand, this tool has a more dense structure than its counterpart, which allows it to more effectively deal with complex problems - for example, with large pronounced pimples.

How to use concealer?

Based on what the concealer is for, you can determine the method of its use:

  1. It is recommended to apply a layer of nourishing cream on the skin.
  2. Concealer is applied dotted, exclusively on the place that you want to disguise. Depending on the format in which the concealer is presented (pencil or liquid), it can be applied, for example, with a brush or a pad of your finger, gently “hammering” the product into the skin.
  3. Having given the concealer to dry, you can apply, if necessary, another layer of agents for better effect.
  4. If required, the skin, including the place where the concealer was applied, is applied with an even layer of foundation.

You can use this product on top of the already made layer of foundation.

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