The world of modern computer and Internet technologies offers modern man more and more options. Social networks appeared just after the appearance of Facebook. The founder of this site - Mark Zuckerberg - proposed an idea that received maximum development on the Internet. Today, Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire on the planet. Let's look at what Facebook is. So:

What is Facebook? is a website on the Internet. What can he offer us? On Facebook, you can register and start chatting with people all over the world. A feature of Facebook is that a huge number of users use the site for communication and work. Facebook currently has about 600 million people. Just imagine that millions of people use Facebook every day. Huge prospects for the development of their business opens Facebook newly minted entrepreneurs.

Needless to say, Facebook is the future platform for the life of the whole world. The site, of course, is virtual. Facebook creator - Mark Zuckerberg - does not stop there. Every day his team works on the development of the site and on the development of its structure and options.It should be noted that Facebook is less popular in Russia than, for example, the social network Vkontakte. The number of Facebook users in Russia is 3.5 million. Every year this number doubles.

A powerful mechanism that allowed Facebook to evolve into a real cyber giant worked on the idea. Initially, the site was created for students of various universities, mainly American. The idea of ​​Zuckerberg was simple - the transfer of the lives of students in the virtual space. The David Fincher film "Social Network" (Social Network) tells about the history of the site and the growth of its popularity. Anyone who considers himself a fan of Facebook, the film is required to view. The talented picture of the genius Hollywood director revealed not only the positive moments of the life of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, but also those difficult and ambiguous situations in which the creator of the site finds itself on the way of its formation. Rather, the film tells that the invention of something new is a big serious work and constant tests.

Here's how you can easily formulate an answer to the question of the nature and principles of Facebook. Facebook is a social networkwhich is located in the virtual space and brings together under a huge number of users.

It is worth talking about the two sides of the influence of Facebook on human society. About light and about dark. What good is Facebook? First of all, the best that Facebook gives is the connection of people. With the help of Facebook, anyone can find loved ones or acquaintances through the Internet. Facebook is a guarantor of virtual unification of people. But the dark side of any social network is that the unity is not entirely real. In fact, leaving reality on Facebook, many people find solitude in their lives. Communication through the screen and keyboard of a computer is a fake to real communication.

Facebook is good because it provides opportunities for the management and development of their ideas, which can bring fame and maybe some money. Facebook is good because you can keep in touch with people who are dear to you, but at the same time very far from you.

Facebook is a great idea and a powerful embodiment of a person’s assistant in the modern world, however, it is not able to replace the brightness and warmth of real communication that modern people need especially urgently.

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